How to Clean Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is a turbid mineral made of copper and aluminum. It is very rare and valuable mineral that ever founded. Its color is from blue to green, depends on the geographic conditions and circumstance. So it refers how valuable the turquoise jewelry for you. Unless your proper care the turquoise jewelry gets dirty and becomes useless to increase your beauty. That’s why I am now going to discuss how to clean turquoise jewelry, the steps and methods as well. This article will help you to collect information about what cleaning process is the best to clean your turquoise jewelry.

Clean Jewelry With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothes

There are few methods and ways of cleaning turquoise jewelry. You may use vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, coke, ketchup to clean your valuable jewelry. There is a little scope of using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your turquoise jewelry. Because ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for the goods made with metal, glass or ceramic as well. But the cleaner is not perfect for cleaning stones. So, you can pull-out the stone from the jewelry and then use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean the only jewelry. After cleaning the jewelry set up the stone where it was. The other methods are below:

1. Cleaning Jewelry with Vinegar: Cleaning your gold, silver or gemstone jewelry just like the turquoise you can use vinegar. It not very tough to clean your mineral by the vinegar. Just drop your valuable jewelry or stone into the jar of vinegar and keep them there for 10 to 15 minutes. It seems anxious for you sometimes. After the time collect the jewelry or stone from the vinegar jar and let them dry. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to clean the dirt from the surface of the jewelry.

2. Cleaning Jewelry with Baking Soda: To remove the dirt from the surface of your jewelry of stone, using baking soda is another way. First, make a thick paste by using 2 tablespoons water and ¼ cup baking soda. Now, apply the paste on the surface of the jewelry, rub and rinse them carefully and finally dry your jewelry or stone.

3. Cleaning Jewelry with Ammonia: Actually, ammonia is used with water in an ultrasonic cleaner. The ratio is 6:1. It means 6 parts water and 1 part ammonia. Be careful while cleaning the jewelry because the ultrasonic cleaner is not made to clean stone so far. So, you have to put-out the diamond or stone from the jewelry, scrub the diamond carefully with a soft toothbrush. After cleaning the jewelry, restore the diamond carefully, where it was before.

4. Cleaning Jewelry with Coke: The pH value of coca-cola, Pepsi and other coke is near 3.4. Hare, carbonation combines with acid that can remove tarnish from brass, metal or copper. So, you can just drop your jewelry into the cane of a cake, keep them for 10 to 15 minutes. After finishing the timetable, collect the jewelry and dry.

5. Cleaning Jewelry with Ketchup: Just liquidate your item in the rummer of the ketchup and let to keep for 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t keep for a long time because the acid can damage your valuable jewelry and stone. After completing the time, remove the jewelry from ketchup and through a soft toothbrush clean up your jewelry carefully. Let dry and use your valuable one.

The above methods and ways can be followed to clean turquoise jewelry, general jewelry made with gold or silver, or even stones like a diamond.

How to Clean Turquoise Stones

Perhaps, the turquoise stone is one the oldest stone in the history of man’s civilization. It is the stone of the turbid mineral. Two colored turquoise stones are found. One is blue and another is green. This stones has the power of attracting anyone in any age. Having such a beautiful, valuable and glorious stone, everyone can’t take care and clean the stone properly and in the right way. As a result, the stone loss its glamour and attraction as well. So, you need to clean the stone properly. This article will help you to choose the right way and method of cleaning turquoise stones.

There are three popular methods of cleaning natural stones. The methods are using Baking Soda, Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide. You may use any one of this three methods to clean your valuable turquoise stone. Now, these three methods are discussed clearly for your better understanding.

1. Cleaning Stone with Baking Soda: Using baking soda is one of the best ways of cleaning natural stone. Add 0.5 or ½ cup of baking soda with one gallon of pure water. After proper mixing up, apply the soda water on your stone. It will create acid to clear dust from your stone. After cleaning use general water to wash the stone and use a clean& soft cloth to dry the store.

2. Cleaning Stone with Vinegar: Vinegar is the liquid consisting of 5 to 20% of acetic acid, water, and other chemicals so far. By the help of the acetic acid, the vinegar is used to clean stones and jewelry as well. It is really easy to clean stones and the process takes only 10 to 15 minutes. At first, drop your valuable stone into the jar of vinegar and keep there for only 10 to 15 minutes, don’t feel anxious in this 15 minutes. The vinegar use acid to clean the stone and makes the stone just like new. After finishing the time, collect the stone from the jar and dry it. Now, the stone is ready for you by shining its own glamour.

3. Cleaning Stone with Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is the third method of cleaning the turquoise stones. Mix equal amount of general tap water and 3% of hydrogen peroxide. Liquidate the stone in the jar and keep for 5 to 10 minutes. Then collect the stone, let it dry and use it with full satisfaction.

You are allowed to use these three methods to run the cleaning process. But, there is an important notice. You can’t use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean your turquoise stone. Because the cleaner generates ultrasonic waves to clean. The ultrasonic waves are not suitable for the stones and may cause serious damage. Hope your stone cleaning process would be done without any problem.

How to Polish Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is one of the oldest and most valuable natural minerals in this world. Having billion years of history makes the stone different and unique among other valuable stones ever found. The blue or green color stone makes it only colorful stone where the diamond is black, silver is just white. Using this turquoise stone in jewelry makes the jewelry more valuable and gives a new, amazing and glorious look. So, you can understand the value of this stone. But if you are not conscious about the betterment of this stone, the stone gets dirty and won’t look glorious that may embrace you when you use the jewelry. You have to clean this stone manually because ultrasonic cleaner cannot make your stone clean. The cleaner is not perfect for this turquoise jewelry for its ultrasonic sound waves. Besides cleaning you need to polish you turquoise jewelry one time in a week, to holds its best performance. This writing will help you to know how to polish turquoise jewelry.

Step 1: Dampen a clean, soft toothbrush in clean water: The first stape of polish. You need a wet-surface for smooth polish. Need not to add any chemicals to the water. Just liquidate the toothbrush with clean and chemical free water.

Step 2: Scour the jewelry with the brush carefully: Now scour the surface (both- inside and outside) of the jewelry with the brush liquidated. The cleaning process should be very careful because the jewelry is very fragile. Carelessness may damage your jewelry seriously. Don’t liquidate the jewelry in the general water. General tap water is not suitable for any jewelry.

Step 3: Dry the jewelry with a soft towel: In step three you need to dry the jewelry with a soft and fresh towel. Don’t use a dirty towel to dry the jewelry. If use the jewelry gates more dirty that I was before.

Step 4: Polish the jewelry with jewelry polishing cloth: In final stape, the polishing step comes. In this stape polish the jewelry with polishing cloth with very careful. You need not use any chemical with the polishing cloth.

Tips for polishing turquoise jewelry:

If you won’t find the jewelry polishing cloth use microfiber cloth to polish the jewelry. When you are not using turquoise, keep the jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry box. That kind of box is available in the market.

Don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning or polishing the turquoise. Because the ultrasonic sound waves will harm your turquoise for its fragileness. You can put out the stone and use the ultrasonic cleaner for the metal parts.

By that four steps, you can polish the turquoise jewelry. After the polish, you will get the glorious and new one that will give you a new look and profile as well.

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