How To Clean Tungsten Jewelry – Most Easy and Simple Ways

Very few jewelry items are as hard and durable as tungsten jewelry. It doesn’t get scratch easily, nor does it fade its color.Nevertheless, we have come to know that nothing is permanent and unchanging in the world. Everything is subject to change. Same way tungsten jewelry may lose its glamour if it is left uncared and unclean.In fact, tungsten carbide jewelry is an alloy that comprises 80 percent tungsten and 20 Carbon.The ways of cleaning tungsten necklace are very easy.

We don’t need to send them to jewelry mechanic. Rather we can try at our home. If tungsten jewelry is cared and cleaned at a regular interval, it will last longer than any other metal jewelry.Therefore, the popularity of tungsten ring is on the rise constantly.Firstly, it is presented as a wedding band. Secondly, this jewelry is used both by men and women. Let’s know how to clean and care our tungsten carbide jewelry.

Clean Tungsten Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Clean with Water and Dish Soap

This method is well- known and widely adapted one throughout the world.People use this method because of its effectiveness. This method doesn’t require special ingredients. The ingredients it needs are available everywhere. They are:

  • Freshwater
  • Dish Wash
  • Bowl
  • Clean cloth

Firstly, we should take the necessary amount of water to a bowl.

After that, our task is to put a few drops of liquid dish wash with the water and make a good solution of the ingredients.A light foam will appear on the bowl. Our main job will begin now.

We need to keep the tungsten wedding ring into the bowl for a few minutes.We can get the cloth wet on the mixture and start rubbing the jewelry.

We should continue to rub the surface of the jewelry until it seems clean. Furthermore, we should put concentration to the nock and corner of the ring, because dirt usually amasses there.

When the jewelry appears to be clean, then we should wash off the ring in the fresh water. That’s all! Later on, our task is to dry out the necklace. We can dry it out either with a soft cloth or in the open air.

Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

This method is effective if the tungsten jewelry is coated with oil or lotion.To apply this method, we need rubbing alcohol and a piece of towel. Rubbing alcohol is available in departmental stores.

We can buy one bottle and preserve in our home. Alright! We need to keep the towel on the plain floor of the house. Later on, we have to put our tungsten wedding necklace on the top of the towel.

This time we need a cotton ball. We must set the cotton ball over the bottle’s opening.

This time we have to tilt the bottle in order that cotton ball may fill up with rubbing alcohol. Now we can get back the bottle to its normal position.

Our task begins here! At this moment, we need to wipe the cotton ball over the surface of the tungsten jewelry items.

Moreover, we can pour the rubbing alcohol on a bowl or fill in a spray. When needs be, we can dip the cotton in the bowl or we can use the spray on the surface of the ring and clean it up.

The moment oil or lotion is erased with the solution of the rubbing alcohol, we can wash off the jewelry in fresh and light warm water.Then the final task remains. That is we need to dry our tungsten jewelry out.

Clean with Vinegar and Water

This method of cleaning tungsten ring is also effective like other ways.Vinegar works better than other materials in cleaning our tungsten carbide jewelry items.After the use of vinegar wash, jewelry items look as if they were new.The materials we need for this method are:

  • A bowl
  • Vinegar
  • Towel
  • Soft toothbrush

Firstly, we need to take some mild warm water on the bowl and then put an optimum amount of vinegar to the bowl. Now we should make a good mixture of them.

Afterward, our task is to dip the ring into the mixture for a few minutes and pick it up.Then, we will have to rub the surface of the necklace with the soft brush.

The brush we use for tungsten jewelry must be non-abrasive.We must bear in mind that we cannot rub harshly. It may harm our jewelry item.

Again, we should look into the edge part and corner of the jewelry. It’s because dirt usually gathers on that space.Once the jewelry piece looks clean and bright, we should stop rubbing.

Later on, the task we need to do is to wash off the tungsten jewelry piece. Enough! Just one thing left. That is we have to dry the jewelry item out. We can do this task either with a soft towel or we can apply the natural process.

Drying out on the open air is considered to be a natural process. That’s it! Feel the chill!

In fine, it can be remarked that tungsten jewelry is durable but it is not indestructible. Careless use may damage its color or it may get scratch upon its surface. Only a careful use can ensure the longevity and brightness of our tungsten carbide jewelry items.

To retain the longevity and brightness of jewelry items, we can follow the above-explained methods of cleaning and caring. Not necessarily we must maintain all three methods. We can adapt any of them that look suitable to us.


Jewelry is a luxurious ornament. We should not use it for regular purpose. Expensive jewelry is considered to be used on different occasions. However, we should not willingly strike or drop our tungsten jewelry pieces.We should also avoid using chemicals knowing not the use and effect of them.The most important thing we must maintain is that we must put off our jewelry items when going to washroom, beach or swimming.