How To Clean Titanium Jewelry – Easy and Simple Ways

Titanium jewelry is one of the long-lasting and finest, in terms of maintenance, jewelry so far. However, nothing is permanent and non-destroyable in the world. Like all other metal jewelry, titanium necklaces lose brightness, get scratched and destroyed with the passage of time. But if they are taken care of, no wonder they will last longer than our expectation and usual permanence. Moreover, titanium jewelry cleaning is comparatively easier and inexpensive. There have been a number of ways to clean titanium jewelry. Find it out which one is suitable for you!

Clean Titanium Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Clean with Dish washing Liquid

Cleaning titanium earrings with dish-washing liquid is probably the easiest way ever. You just need to buy a dish washing liquid bottle. There are many commercially manufactured dish washing liquid packages. Choose a standard one and preserve it in your home. One bottle is enough for several times to use.

Now, take an optimum amount of mild- warm water in a bowl and add a few drops of dish-washing liquid. Make a solution of these materials. Apart from the dish-washing liquid, ammonia cleaner can be used. Then, put your titanium jewelry item into the water. Look if the jewelry items get the water level or not. It should be submerged by water. Therefore, keep your item five to six minutes in the mixture and then pull it out. Rinse the titanium items to get out the solution foam. Unless you do this task, your titanium rings will remain sticky. This time take a soft and clean piece of cloth or tissue paper and rub over the necklace. See if still there is dirt. Remember: if your titanium jewelry is colorful, then do not rub. It will damage the color of your jewelry. In this case, just keep your jewelry in the open air. Take time, it will get dry naturally.


Clean with Cream Polish

There are several commercially manufactured cream polishes for titanium- composition jewelry items. We can purchase one from our nearby superstore and preserve in our home. When needs are, we can use it for cleaning our jewelry made of titanium. These polishes work immediately in removing scratches upon the jewelry and getting back the shinning mode.

This process is pretty simple. We need to take a small amount of polish and smear them on the jewelry. Make it sure that the polish is smeared in every nook and corner of the jewelry. Now we have to rub over the jewelry and then put the item under water. Once the dirt is out, we need to wash off the necklace using soap. It’s time to dry the jewelry items. For this, we can pick a towel or non-abrasive cloth and pat over the titanium jewelry rings.


Clean with Spray

The spray is the latest way of cleaning and caring titanium- composition rings. We can buy titanium cleaning spray from the market. This sort of spray is nowadays available in the market. If it is not available in the market, then we can purchase a spray that contains ammonia-like Windex. Windex can be an effective spray for cleaning titanium rings. Some other spray materials can also be suitable for this task. But all the materials are not perfect. Take, for instance, bleach and chlorine don’t work in cleaning titanium items rather they damage the color and form of the titanium-made items.

Alright! We have to tap the spray and put needed amount over the jewelry items. We must take look that the whole surface of the ring is sprayed well. If the dirt is more, then we are to keep the ring wet for a few minutes. After that, we need to rub the item in order that the dirt gets erased. At the same time, we must bear it in mind that we should rub the items gently. Otherwise, our titanium jewelry item will lose brightness instead of getting shinning. However, we are at the last stage of spray cleaning. Now we have to wash off the jewelry item. Later, we just require a towel or a tissue paper or a non- abrasive piece of cloth. Thereafter, we will have to pat the cloth/tissue over the titanium ring piece. Once the jewelry item is dry, should avoid patting it. Excessive patting may damage the color of the jewelry items. Because it is known to us that titanium is a soft and fragile metal.

Nota Bene: Three ways of titanium necklace cleaning have been shown above. However, you don’t need to try all those three ways at a time. You need to try one you choose and feel suitable for you. Just see which one you can do by yourself.

To sum up, it must be said that titanium composition jewelry item is a fanciful jewelry so far to the boys and girls. It has been a fancy item for the girls since time immemorial. Thereafter, boys in modern time use titanium ring and wristband all over the world. Thus the use and popularity of titanium jewelry is on the rise everywhere.



In the meantime, we have known that titanium- composition jewelry items are soft and fragile. So, we must adapt careful mechanism when we use those jewelry necklaces. If color is added in titanium necklaces, then we should not rub them. They will lose color and look peculiar instead of bright. Besides, we should put off our jewelry when we are engaged in hard work. We should put off too when we go to bathroom, beach and swimming pool.