How To Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry – Some Easy and Simple Ways

Stainless steel is an alloy of three ingredients. Namely, they are Iron, Chromium, and Nickel. By the way, stainless steel jewelry is very popular nowadays. People from all over the world like to put on stainless steel composition jewelry. It has a number of reasons. The first and foremost reason is that stainless steel jewelry is lightweight and very much trendy. Besides, stainless steel necklace lasts for a comparatively longer period and looks as if it were new always. However, it gets dirty like all other alloy necklaces. But when we clean it up, it again looks like a new ornament. And users are fortunate enough that they can clean this ornament in multiple ways. In fact, all the ways are easy, effective and user-friendly.

Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Clean with Water and Soap

Cleaning stainless steel ornaments with water and soap is a very well- known method throughout the world. It’s not a big deal! It just needs our attention and a few minutes time. Just a look what we need to apply in this method:

  • Mild warm water
  • Two small container
  • Soap
  • A soft handkerchief

That’s enough! Once we have collected the above-stated materials, we can start our process. Firstly, we are to put the necessary amount of warm water to a container. We must make it sure that the water is neither hot nor cold, it should be mild in temperature. Then, we have to add two to three drops of dish wash soap and mix them properly with the water. When there is a good mixture of water and dish wash soap, we should keep our jewelry in the mixture for a few minutes. Afterward, we can rub the jewelry in order that the dirt upon it can be cleared. For this job, we can use a corner of the handkerchief or we can use a soft toothbrush. If we use the toothbrush, we must bear in mind that toothbrush may scratch on our jewelry. So, toothbrush must be used carefully. Alright! When the stainless steel ring is clear of dirt, we have to wash off the ring in the second container with fresh water. Our job is almost done! Now, we just need to wipe away the jewelry with a fresh and soft handkerchief. That’s all! Give a try by yourself.

Clean with Soda and Water

Cleaning jewelry with water and soda is more effective than cleaning jewelry with water and soap. This method is easy and user-friendly too. The materials needed in this method are:

  • Water
  • A small bowl
  • Soda
  • Soft toothbrush and a soft cloth


The amount of soda and water actually depend on the size of a jewelry piece. Simply we can take one tablespoon Soda with half spoon water. If we need more, then we can mix two tablespoon Soda with one spoon water. It means we must follow the ratio of Soda and water. Namely, the ratio would be Soda: water:2:1. Then we have to make a good paste of these materials. Once the paste is ready, we are to pick some on the bristle of the toothbrush. Now we need to scrub the brush upon the stainless-steel ornaments. We must keep it in mind that if we scrub hard, it will get scratch. We must follow every nook and corner of the jewelry piece lest there should remain germ and dirt. When the ornament is clear of dirt, we can wash it off with fresh water. We should make it sure that the soda foam doesn’t stick to jewelry body. Our job is done! Now we just need to dry off our stainless steel jewelry necklace. For this, we can take a piece of soft cloth or towel and pat the jewelry piece. It’s all! Hopefully, our stainless steel rings will look bright.

Clean with Toothpaste

We must be a bit careful when we will clean our stainless steel jewelry with toothpaste. Some toothpaste contains whitening ingredients. Those whitening ingredients of toothpaste may damage the color of jewelry. Again, toothpaste contains a good amount of silica. We should make it sure that the toothpaste doesn’t have silica in it. It may risk the color too.

So, we can pick up a gel toothpaste that is soft and smooth. As a tool, we just need a piece of soft cloth and if possible we can take a woolen cloth or any sort of non-abrasive cloth. Now, we have to take a little amount of toothpaste upon the back of the cloth. Only a pea amount is alright! Thereafter, it is time to rub the paste mixed cloth upon the necklace. The thing we should remember is that stainless steel rings are soft and fragile. It may break down if we force upon it. We should rub the cloth gently. As a substitute for the cloth, a soft brush can be used. A soft brush will be more effective to clean to the nock and corner of the ring. The moment our necklace looks bright and clear, we can wash it off first. Then we can go through the dry out process. It’s nothing serious! Just same as before! Take a soft tissue paper or a soft towel or handkerchief and wipe out the water from the body of the jewelry.

Indeed, we can follow any of the three above stated methods to clean our stainless-steel earrings. To be honest, first and the second method i.e. Clean with Water and Soap and Clean with Water and Soap are more effective and long-lasting. Cleaning with toothpaste is alright. However, it is a bit critical and sensitive.


Harsh chemicals should be kept away from the stainless-steel rings. It may damage our valuable necklace. Besides, we should put off our jewelry when we go to sea beach, bathroom and swimming pool. People sometimes say that stainless steel rings cause itching problem. It is not proved yet. Even if it is true, our careful usage will lessen it to a great extent.