How To Clean Sapphires

Sapphire is a valuable gemstone, also a romantic one but its reference has jeweled many famous literature pieces. Though sometimes available in yellow, purple, orange or like colors, this stone is famous for its elegant blue color. Sapphire and ruby contain the same mineral, but the color is different for both the stones. Yet for the similarities in fundamental characteristics, it can match with the same cleaning process which is provided for ruby.

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Sapphire is a gorgeous and tough stone. It gorgeously fits into ornaments like rings, necklaces or others. It can be cleaned with the ornaments or after removal of it from the attachment. Like many other cleaning processes, manual process featuring soapy water and soft cloth work perfectly. First, a bowl is to be filled with water.

The bowl should be spacious enough to accommodate all gemstones. Lukewarm water can provide a better result. The sapphires should be submerged into the plain water first for an initial, superficial cleaning. Before putting the sapphires into the water, it should be gently wiped by a dry, soft cloth which might remove some less stubborn grime or smudges from the surface. After initial washing, the bowl is to be filled again with fresh water. Then a few drops of dishwashing soaps or gentle soaps are to be added and mixed perfectly.

Before adding the sapphires to the solution, rub those again gently with a dry cloth. Then put it into the mixture and let it soak for few seconds. Take more time for rough smudges, if necessary. This will wash away most of the accumulated dirt. If any other amount of stubborn grime remains, it will loosen up. After getting the stones out of the solution, rub them gently with a dry soft cloth or soft bristled brush. Be sure that you are putting any scratch on it during rubbing. This would be sufficient to clean away the rest of the dirt.

If dirt is more stubborn, a solution can be prepared with hotter water. The temperature is not warm in this case, but hot. Of course, the temperature should not be boiling, but bit hotter which a man prefers for taking bath. Hot water is actually useful for many things. The hotness of the water can ease up the stubbornness of accumulated dirt.

Sapphires can also be cleaned with the modern technology; ultrasonic cleaners and this is gaining quite an acceptance as well. Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic waves to deliver sufficient movement into cleaning solution so that it can target the most difficult part; even the obscure remotest fissure of the object to be cleaned and remove the contaminant.

Because of the perfect cleansing, these apparatuses can provide, many people are likely to choose these cleaners at the first hand. A variety of quality sonic cleaners is available in the modern-day markets and tons of ads are there on the web. Many are designed to clean jewelry which easily cleans gemstones like sapphires. You are recommended to check the user’s guide before any investment.

Sapphires are tiny stones, so ultra-spacious apparatus is not necessary, rather a standard one will be handy. But these are delicate stones, so quality is a must to ensure quality. One should check for the standard clearance before putting his money into something.

Multiple preset time settings is a user-friendly feature for conic cleaner so that it can reduce botheration for consumers as well as save time for him. The method is a very normal one; setting the clock as required, start the cleaning, go away for a walk or other chores and come back after cleaning is finished.

Cleaners are available in the market with several frequencies (42000 Hz is available with most). Ultrasonic cleaners work with plain water quite well but we always prefer applying an advanced cleaning solution for cleansing available in the market.

After getting a cleaner, first thing is to check the stone for any possible fissure before putting it into the cleaner for cleansing. A jeweler is an expert for such checking. Usually, gemstones like sapphires are tough enough to tolerate tough sonic cleaning.

But outward polishing with heat treatment, lattice treatment or other exterior procedures, which cause tremendous pressure on the texture of the stone; may turn the stone fragile to some extent to endure a strong cleaning. If you get a sonic cleaner, you do not need to adopt such robust measures. Sonic cleaners can almost precisely wipe away every dirt, if not the most precisely. This is the best option for modern day stone cleansing.

The cleaning solution can be made with everyday dishwashing soaps. However, other cleaning solutions are there in the market, which provides the best result as evident in our research. It should be cautiously observed if there is an exception for the stone to be cleaned. Put the solution into the cleaner, run it for 5 to 10 minutes before using so that the mixture could be absolutely mixed.

Then stones are to be put into the cleaner. The quantity should not be excessive. For the first time, a shorter time setting is preferred for cleaning so that the consumer can get a good idea about the cleaning process. Usually, 15 to 20 minutes of cleaning is adequate for thorough cleaning. After removing the gemstone from the solution, it should be gently brushed to remove the loose dirt affixed to it.

Sapphire is a delicate stone, so cleaning is to be done in a subtle manner too. In modern days, besides manual cleansing procedures, there are modern gadgets too to assist. People are mostly loving machine cleaning these days, which is no surprise. Quality products are there in the market, it is a large variety of choice.A consumer has both choices, from which he has to pick one and do the cleansing.

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