How To Clean Ruby Gemstone

Reddish gemstone ruby has always been considered as a magnificent artwork of mother nature, a grand adornment of for any jewelry collection. It has been mentioned in many ancient books like the Bible. Since time immemorial, ruby has been recognized as one of the most precious gifts.

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In the modern ages, it has become a fascinating gift item for the duos. Ruby is a hard gemstone; the hardness is almost comparable with the hardness of a diamond. Hardness affords the stone to be polished and cut precisely. The glamour of a ruby depends upon its color, cut and look. If left unattended, it may lose most of its attraction. Not only for rubies, but this is the fact for other gemstones too.

The look is a very important factor for any jewelry’s appeal. Ruby, as well as other gemstones, is cut to be fit into different other shapes like rings and bracelets, eventually, it does not remain smooth. For the changed shape, dirt can accumulate on the surface. Ruby has a glassy surface, so it should always be kept away from other jewelry to save it from the possible scratches on its surface. It is also recommended that one should put his ruby away while doing intensive tiring works or using artificial heavy chemicals like cleaning supplies, hairspray etc.

The very precious feature is the shine of the gemstone, it can fade if these courses are not followed. In this regard, keeping it in a separate place without a touch of other jewelry’s can be proved handy. It is to be remembered that a ruby or other stone can be cracked during dismounting from or mounting it with any other body like rings, chains or bracelets if removed callously. You should physically contact an expert to check your gemstone regularly and seek help in case you have any type of confusion.

At first hand, gentle soap water or detergent mixture is a popular choice for cleaning jewelry. You need to fill a standard size container with water, especially very mildly warm water would be useful. A couple of drops or few more, in case of necessity, will be sufficient. A 15 or 20 minutes cleaning with gentle rubbing with hands can clean the stones properly. But it is to remember that the container should not be overcrowded with an excess amount of stones.

Washing can be more effectively done with a gentle fibered brush or soft cloth. Rubbing can be efficaciously completed with these things as they can clear away the dirt accumulated on the edgy cut surface of a ruby. But rubbing should not be harshly done or it should not be put into much deep, otherwise, the exterior may be unattractively damaged.

After rubbing, the stone should be again put into a liquid solution for more shiny cleansing. The liquid should be fresh because the used solution can deposit the dirt on the surface again if used twice. Let it soak for a while and then, clean it with a soft clean cloth. Again, rubbing is to be done very gently.

Besides manual procedures, cleaning with ultrasonic cleaners is becoming popular day by day. Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic waves to create sufficient movement into cleaning solution so that it can reach the most difficult part of the object to be cleaned and remove the contaminant. Because of its meticulous cleansing, many are opting for these cleaners. There are a variety of quality sonic cleaners available in the market today. No one is specially designed for ruby cleaning especially, yet many can easily serve the purpose. You are recommended to check the user’s guide before any purchase.

For cleaning jewelry like rubies, a super spacious apparatus is not necessary, rather a standard sized one will be handy. Cleaners with preset time settings provide hassle-free and time-consuming cleaning for the consumer. It is simple; setting the clock, start the cleaning, walk away and return after cleaning is complete.

There are cleaners available with a different range of frequencies (42000 Hz is most common). Most of the ultrasonic cleaners can work with plain water but we recommend you to apply a standard cleaning solution for cleaning available in the market.

After purchasing a sonic cleaner, one has to check the stone for any possible fissure before putting it into the cleaner for cleansing. The checking can accurately be done by a jeweler. Normally stones like rubies are competent enough to endure a sonic cleaning.

However, any outward polishing with heat treatment, lattice treatment or procedures likewise may turn the stone weaker to endure a strong cleaning. There are some other less transparent gemstones like pearl and amber are weaker to tolerate sonic cleansing. Gold is recognized as a very tough metal and can easily go through such cleaning.

The cleaning solution can be prepared by normal dishwashing soaps. However, there are other cleaning solutions available in the market, which can provide a better result. It should be cautiously noticed if there is an exception for the gemstone to be cleaned.

After putting the solution into the machine, it should be run for 5 to 10 minutes before using so that the mixture could be absolutely mixed. Then stones are to be put into the cleaner. The quantity should not be excessive. For the first time, a shorter time frame should be chosen for cleaning. Usually, 15 to 20 minutes cleaning is enough for jewelry cleansing. After removing the stone from the cleaner, you should gently brush your stone so that the loose dirt may be removed.

Jewelry cleaning is a delicate task, but the need is unavoidable if one feels to maintain the glitter. In modern days, you do not have the manual cleansing procedures only, but also there are modern gadgets to assist. People are gradually opting for the machine nowadays and that is no surprise. Quality products are available in the market, that has given the consumers a wide choice. Be it manual or mechanical, but cleansing is a must for long attractive looks of gemstones.

Clean Hard Gemstone With Ultrasonic Cleaner [IF NEEDED]

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