How To Clean Rhodium Plated Jewelry

Rhodium plated jewelry is an alloy made of white gold or silver with rhodium. It is one of the most expensive metals in the world. Obviously, a necklace made of rhodium is more costly than gold and platinum. It is also true that rhodium plated elements are fragile and soft. So, the caring of this element is a bit different from other ornaments.

It is because the soft alloy of the rhodium plated necklace may break down or it may tarnish its color if it is cared like other hard alloys. The longevity of it also depends on how we use it. If we use it regularly, no doubt it will fade. Rhodium rings are, in fact, luxurious elements. That’s why we can avoid using it regularly. Rather use can use it occasionally. Thus, we can ensure a durable usage of rhodium rings.

Now let’s learn how to clean rhodium plated jewelry.

Clean Rhodium Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Things must be remembered!!

We must remember a few things when we use rhodium necklace. We, knowingly or unknowingly, do a few things to preserve our necklaces. It does not mean that we do everything effectively. A few things might damage our valuable items. So just put your attention before you damage your fancy and valuable items.

Have look at the points:

  1. We should avoid using chemical on rhodium plated earring.
  2. We must avoid toothbrush for cleaning it. Because rhodium-made elements are very soft. They may break down if we use hard tools in cleaning them.
  3. We should avoid abrasives. Abrasives are not rhodium friendly.
  4. Ultra- Sonic cleaner is used in cleaning all other jewelries. But it is not applicable to rhodium jewelry. So, we must avoid using this method.
  5. Ammonia-based products are used to clean some ornaments. But they are not suitable for rhodium. So, we must avoid Ammonia- based products.
  6. We should avoid using polish cloths. Maximum polish clothes are intended to clean uncoated silver and gold jewelry.
  7. Easy and Simple Way of Cleaning and Caring Rhodium Jewelry

Easy and Simple Way of Cleaning and Caring Rhodium Plated  Jewelry

We must need some materials to clean rhodium plated ornaments.

The necessary elements are:

  • Mild warm water
  • Liquid detergent
  • Two bowls
  • Tissue paper
  • Soft handkerchief

These materials work for cleaning Specially

  • Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • Rhodium Plated Silver Jewelry
  • Rhodium Plated White Gold Jewelry


Once we have the above-stated elements, then we must go through few tasks to clean the rhodium plated ornaments. If we can do the following five tasks, no worries, our rhodium coated rings will remain ever fresh and new- looking. Tasks are not hard indeed. They just need our attention, intention, and goodwill. That’s all!


Have a look at the tasks:

Task 1: Mixing Materials and Rubbing Rings

We need to put 1 cup mild- warm water in a bowl. Then, one- third cup of liquid detergent should be mixed with the water. Enough! It’s time to shuffle the mixture. Afterward, we just need to put the rhodium plated necklace on the mixture and keep it for ten minutes. We must be careful of the time, because it may damage our jewelry if it remains for a long span of time. Then, we are to rub the jewelry for a few minutes. We must rub gently, otherwise, it might be damaged. Be cautious!


Task 2: Washing Soapy Jewelry

In this phase, we need to take a bowl of normal water. We have to wash off all soapy water from jewelry’s body. If it is not washed for the first time, then we must do the same task again.


Task 3: Drying Jewelry

Now it is time to dry out the jewelry. For this, we should keep the jewelry on a soft handkerchief or towel and pat it. We must bear in mind that rhodium-plated necklace is very soft and fragile. So, we must pat gently. If it is possible, we can use a hair dryer at its lowest heat. If we don’t have, no problem! We can try an air- dry them.


Task 4: Preserving Jewelry

Now it is time to store the jewelry. Storing jewelry is one of the most important tasks. Store of jewelry determines whether the jewelry will remain good enough or not. Anyway, we need to keep the rhodium coated on a fresh tissue paper. Then, we have to wrap it up carefully. If we keep one more items, we must keep them separate. Otherwise, they will get scratched. Be careful!


Task 5: Caring Jewelry

Apparently, the above-stated phases are alright for cleaning and caring of rhodium plated rings. Added to them, we can check their condition at a regular interval. Caring is as important as cleaning. Take for instance; it would be better if we remove our jewelry when we use household cleaners, hand cream or perfume. It will preserve the brightness of rhodium-made item. It will also prolong its usefulness.


Thus, rhodium plated ornaments need continuous care. If we care them continuously, we can use them for a long span of time. They will not lose their original color. Rather they will look as shiny as it is new. Let’s give a try. Let’s keep our rhodium made jewelry bright!


Reading this article we have learned how to clean rhodium plated jewelry. And We should make it sure that our rhodium coated jewelry is far from wall or any other hard metals. There might be unintentional strike upon our jewelry and it will get scratched. Besides, we must preserve our jewelry at a moderate temperature. Since rhodium-plated necklace is an alloy, it may be partly damaged in excessive temperature.