How To Clean Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is one of the most precious and useful metals in the world. Who does not love to wear jewelry made of it? There has been a myth that ancient kings would offer this kind of jewelry to their wives. Even today general people cannot afford this precious ornament. Only the people of elite class buy it and use it.

Sometimes people present platinum jewelry or rings to their newly-wed bride as a token of love and engagement. Maximum users of this jewelry are female. Sometimes young boys use it as a fashion. By the way, people do not use this sort jewelry for general purpose. Rather, they use it in different occasions.

On this front, this ornament should be used carefully.When this ornament is used frequently, it gets dirty. Sometimes it gets scratched. Besides, it does not look as shiny as it is supposed to be. These problems can be avoided if we follow its usage and clean it regularly.

Easy and Simple Ways of Cleaning and Caring Platinum Jewelry

There have been many methods of cleaning Platinum jewelry. But all methods are not applicable and user-friendly. Some best, simplest and easiest methods are discussed below:

Clean Platinum Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Clean with Tissue Paper or Soft Cotton

We can clean our jewelry using tissue paper or soft cotton. This is the easiest and simplest way ever. Before we use our ornament, we can lightly rub its surroundings using tissue paper and soft cotton. Tissue paper and soft cotton will pull out dirt from the ring.It won’t take more than two to three minutes. So, we can try it each time we use our jewelry.


Clean with Toothbrush

The toothbrush is also a nice tool to clean this sort of ornament. But we must make sure that we use toothbrush carefully. If we don’t use it carefully, it will harm our jewelry. There might be a scratch on our jewelry.Toothbrush’s most important advantage is that it can clean up every smallest knock and corner of an ornament.


Clean with Foam

There are some commercially manufactured foams on the market. These foams are very useful for cleaning necklace. We can buy them from the market, preserve in our home and clean our jewelry on regular basis.Cleaning ornament with foam is a very easy way and it does not take much time.

Clean with Liquid or Detergent

Cleaning jewelry with liquid or detergent is the most effective way.We can buy a liquid- detergent bottle from the market and keep it in our home. Added with this, we can buy a soft brush too.When our jewelry looks gloomy we can spray optimum amount of liquid on the jewelry and then brush gently. Once the jewelry is clear and shining, we can dry it using soft cloth or tissue.Since this system is very effective, so it is enough to clean our jewelry using liquid once or twice in a month.


Clean with Ultrasonic Technology

Nowadays ultrasonic technology for cleaning jewelry is available in the market. We can buy it from the market. An ultrasonic cleaner might be a bit expensive but it is a very efficient and user-friendly technology. We just need to put the jewelry in the box along with a certain amount of water. Then, we need to set the time as per the instruction is given.When the fixed time is over, we just need to pick it up. Now our task is to dry it with a soft cloth. Relax!


Clean with Steam Water

We can clean our jewelry using steam too. This is called steam cleaning! For this procedure we need;

  • Softsoap or liquid
  • A bowl
  • Warm water
  • A brush

Firstly, we need to put the necessary amount of water to the bowl. Then, we need to mix soft soap or liquid with the water. We must make sure that the water is mildly warm because extremely warm water may damage the shinning color of platinum. Now, our task is to put the jewelry into the container and keep it there for one or two minutes and then pull it out of the container.Next, we need to brush the jewelry up. It is supposed to look shining now. If it does not look so, we can go through the same process again. Finally, we can dry the jewelry out in the air.

To sum up, it must be acknowledged that there are very few jewelries as costly as platinum jewelry. This valuable jewelry must be taken care of. Unless we clean it up regularly, it begins to fade and loses its beauty.But very easily we can keep our jewelry clean. It neither takes much time nor takes much money. It is just the matter of our carefulness. Thus, if we apply any of the above-mentioned ways and clean our jewelry accessories at a regular interval, we can retain the beauty of our jewelry. Besides, clean jewelry always looks gorgeous and it makes us gorgeous too.



Prior to these techniques, we can apply a few precautionary methods to keep our jewelry clean. We should not keep our jewelry anywhere carelessly. We should keep it always in a safe box. We should also be careful so it does not get scratched. A small scratch lessens the beauty of a valuable jewelry. Besides, we don’t need to use our jewelry always and everywhere. Since it is a precious metal, we can be selective in using it. For instance, we can go to a party or a wedlock wearing it. We don’t need to wear it in our office and house.