How To Clean Pewter Jewelry

You might have learned that pewter is an alloy. Usually, an alloy consists of two or more substances. Indeed, pewter comprises two metals i.e. tin and a small amount of copper. Pewter is one of the most precious metals. To be more specific, pewter is considered to be the fourth precious metal in the world; pewter is next to gold, silver, and platinum. Pewter is used not only as a jewelry item but also it is used as other fancy home items. The value and usefulness of pewter got boost in middle age, as per the historical narration. Thereafter, pewter jewelry items are soft and fragile, but they are durable.

Clean Pewter Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Why cleaning and caring?

When we use our jewelry, we go through dust and moisture. In contact with dust and moisture, our pewter items get dirty and faded. Furthermore, pewter rings are soft and fragile, so they may get tarnished. On this front, we must clean and care our jewelry, if we want to ensure longevity and brightness. Then who doesn’t want longevity and brightness? No doubt everyone wants the brightness and permanence.

Where and how to clean and care?

Are you thinking about where to clean and care your pewter jewelry? People often think to take their jewelry to a jewelry mechanic for cleaning and caring. In fact, you don’t need to take them there. Near at your hand you have everything you need. Namely, you can clean and care your jewelry at your home. For this you don’t need anything serious. You just need to learn the method. That’s all! So see the following methods of pewter jewelry cleaning and caring:

Linseed oil cleaning

This is a pretty interesting method. You need to collect linseed oil and limestone powder as of the ingredients. No worries, you can avail them from your nearby grocery shop. Now let’s start the procedure. Switch on your stove, set a pan there and pour some linseed oil on the pan. Let it go hot! Alright, this time add some limestone powder with the linseed oil. Move them with a spoon so they can turn into good paste. Wait! Wait for a few minutes so that the paste can cool down. The paste will no longer remain hot. Then apply some paste on the surface of the pewter ring. Make it sure that paste is applied in every parts and curves of the surface. Now scrub the jewelry piece with a soft cotton cloth. For sure you jewelry item will appear to be bright. Your next job is to wash the ring with fresh water. The last not the least task is to dry the jewelry piece with soft cloth or tissue paper. Done!

Soap- water cleaning

You can easily clean your jewelry with soap and water. Soap and water solution is very effective for pewter plated jewelry items. Again, this method is pretty user-friendly, you don’t need to go outside to collect solution materials. All you need is just dish wash soap and water; these are available at your home.

Once the ingredients are close to your hands, start the main procedure. First, take a small container and the take some mild warm water into your container. Now mix some dish wash soap or detergent with the water and move with a stick. Move them properly in order that foam comes out of this mixture. This time your duty is to put the jewelry into the soap- water solution. So keep it there for 15- 20 minutes. Soap and warm water will soften the dust and remove away. Alright, after the certain time pull out your pewter jewelry piece and scrub with a soft piece of cloth. Remember: scrub gently, otherwise, you may damage or tarnish your valuable pewter piece. Soon you will find that the jewelry item is looking bright. And your job is near to be ended. As of now, wash your item with fresh water and dry it either with the soft cloth or with tissue paper or in the open air.

Vinegar- flour cleaning

As of now, you are going to make some paste. To make a paste you need a few ingredients. They are; vinegar, flour, water, a pot, a piece of soft cloth or a non- abrasive toothbrush. Nothing else! Vinegar- flour paste works very sharply to remove dust, moisture and tarnish from the pewter necklace. See carefully how to make vinegar- flour paste.
Collect the above-mentioned ingredients and start the process. First, you have to make a paste and then you have to clean your pewter piece using this paste. Understood? Let’s start making the paste! Take half cup flour and half cup vinegar on a pot. Then mix them properly. You can use a spoon to mix them. Better you can use your hand. Put on a glove before you use your hand. The glove will protect your hand if there is extreme acidity. You can add some salt to the paste. Salt increases acidity which helps to remove tarnish. Once your paste is ready, then start applying upon the surface of pewter. Then take your cloth piece or non- abrasive brush and start rubbing your necklace. Soon you will notice the progress. And you are close to being done with the process. Hence you are left with just one thing. Just wash your necklace with fresh water and dry it.


As pewter is a soft and fragile metal, don’t put it near the oven or in a place where there is extreme heat. Otherwise, it may melt. Preserve your pewter jewelry items in an airtight box and obviously separately. Thereafter, same as other jewelry, put off your pewter item before you go to bed, washroom or sea- beach.
In fine, it must be acknowledged that pewter is a very precious metal jewelry. So it deserves special care and attention. No wonder the care and attention methods are pretty simple and user-friendly. Three methods of cleaning and caring have been discussed above. You don’t need to follow all the methods simultaneously. Learn and apply any of them. Enjoy!!!