How To Clean Palladium Jewelry

Palladium is a wedding jewelry. It has long been used as a substitute of platinum or sometimes as a white gold. In fact, palladium is equivalent to 14k white gold. So the people across the world use this jewelry item on their marriage ceremony. In addition to a marriage ceremony, people buy and present palladium necklace on other festivals and occasions such as birthday, marriage anniversary, religious days and other days. One of the best characteristics of palladium is that it doesn’t get scratch, hence palladium is a hard substance.

Clean Palladium Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Why cleaning?

You may have a question that palladium is a hard substance, it doesn’t get scratch—still why cleaning? When we use our jewelry, it comes in touch with moisture and air. You might have known that air contains the huge volume of dust. This dust and moisture fall upon the surface of our jewelry. As a result, our jewelry looks dirty, faded and old. On this front, we must clean and care our palladium necklace or other items at a regular interval.

Where and How to clean?

You may think that you must go to a jewelry shop to clean and care your palladium ring. Things have become so easy now. You don’t need to go to a jewelry mechanic. You can clean up your jewelry right at your home. How? There have been a number of ways. They are explained below. Read them carefully and choose which method is better for you. Happy cleaning and caring!!!

Soap- water cleaning

Solution of dish wash soap and water works sharply to clean palladium plated jewelry items. This solution contains enough amount of dust and germ removing ingredients. Therefore, the recipe of this solution is pretty simple. We can make with the least effort. Let’s know the ingredients we need for this cleaning solution;

  • Dish wash soap
  • Lukewarm water
  • Small Pot
  • Soft cloth

First, you need to make a solution using the above stated materials. No worries! It’s easy. Take some lukewarm water on a small pot and then mix dish wash soap with it. Now move these elements in the pot. You can use a long spoon or a stick to move them. Keep on moving them. A few minutes later, you will find foam on the pot. Now be sure that your solution is alright. Once your soap- water solution is ready, put your palladium jewelry into your pot and keep it there for 15- 20 minutes. Fine! Pull it out and scrub with the soft cloth. Hopefully, your jewelry item will look shiny now. Yes, now wash your items off and dry them. You can dry using another soft cloth or tissue paper. Else, you can dry in the open air. Cheers!

Lemon juice- soda cleaning

Before you go to clean, you need to make a paste of these two ingredients. Alright, take a lemon and cut it into four slices. Then squeeze them in a small container. This time add some soda to the lemon juice and move them all. Move them properly so that they turn into a paste. You can use a stick to move the ingredients. Or even you can use your hand. Before you use your hand to make a paste, if possible, you can wear a pair of gloves.

Once your lemon juice- soda paste is ready, apply some paste upon the surface of the palladium rings. Apply properly! Make sure that paste is applied in every corner and curve of the jewelry item. Hence dust and germ possibly remain in curves and corners. This time take a soft non-abrasive toothbrush or a piece of soft cloth and start scrubbing the jewelry piece. Keep on scrubbing in order that the dust and germ get away from the surface. No wonder soon your palladium ring will appear to be brighter. And your job is near to be done. Now take some fresh water in your container and wash your jewelry off. You have one thing to do yet. You have to dry your ring. No worries! You can dry it using a soft and fresh cotton cloth, using a tissue paper or in the open air. That’s it!


Preserve your jewelry items separately, otherwise, they may come in touch with each other and get scratch. Try to preserve them in a box after your use. Besides, put off your palladium when you are engaged in household activities. Don’t use any kind of chemical when you are worn with palladium jewelry. In fact, the chemical may fade away the color of your jewelry. Thereafter, put off your jewelry when you are going to bed, sea- beach, and bathroom.


Palladium causes an allergic problem when it is used constantly. Again palladium has the high level of galvanic density when it comes in touch with other metal objects. In addition to this, palladium has cytotoxic effects, hence it damages the cell to some extent.


To sum up, it must be recognized that palladium jewelry items have a big cut in the market. Because people irrespective of man, women, children love to wear palladium jewelry. Palladium is a rare substance, even in some cases rarer than gold. Although palladium jewelry has some side effects, we can avoid them, if we are aware of it. Take, for instance, any kind of jewelry is a fancy item. Therefore, we should not use it for our day to day purpose. Rather we should use our palladium rings for the occasional purpose. Afterward, we should clean our jewelry at a regular break. Unless we clean and care our jewelry, then dust and moisture fall upon the surface of the jewelry, that might be a reason of skin problem like rashes.