How To Clean Nickel Plated Jewelry | Easy and Simple Ways

What’s your notion about nickel? As you will buy and use nickel coated jewelry, we should have an elementary idea about the nickel. That might work better for you! Nickel usually doesn’t get scratched, hence nickel is a hard substance. Nickel can resist scratch and gives the look of a silver metal-made jewelry. However, we must bear in mind that remaining untarnished doesn’t mean your nickel jewelry will look as bright as it were afresh. As you will use your jewelry, it will come in touch with dust and air. So a lair of dust may fall upon your jewelry. In consequence, you jewelry item will look faded and old. Many of us have a common notion that unless and until we take our jewelry to a jewelry mechanic, we can’t clean and care our jewelry item. No worries now onwards! You can clean up your nickel items at your home and for sure it will look bright. For this, you don’t need to pay much. All it needs is your due attention. Let’s learn how to clean and care your nickel jewelry. Happy Reading…!!!

Clean Nickel Plated Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

Here given links of some ultrasonic cleaners give you an awesome experience.

Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

Ammonia Cleaning

Ammonia is a very effective ingredient of cleaning. Usually ammonia is used to clean and care hard substance. Since nickel-plated jewelry is comparatively harder than other substances, so we can use ammonia solution to clean and care it. However, solely ammonia is not enough for cleaning and caring. It needs a few other ingredients with it. The ingredients needed in ammonia cleaning are;

  • Water
  • Ammonia
  • Soft Cloth
  • Steel Wool Grade 0000
  • A Pot

Alright, take a clean pot for the water and ammonia solution. Then pour half cup ammonia and half cup fresh water on the bowl. Now move the mixture of water and ammonia with a stick or long spoon. When the solution is done, then put your nickel jewelry items on it. Make it sure that your nickel jewelry is submerged in the solution. In this submerging state, keep it there for 30 minutes in order that the germ and dust get away. After 30 minutes, pull your items out of the pot and scrub with the steel wool grade 0000. This time for sure you will see a brighter and glittering nickel-plated jewelry. Your job is almost done. Now dry your jewelry items with soft cloth. Done! Feel relaxed!

Commercial Bottle Cleaning

There have been many commercially manufactured cleaners in the market. So, buy a nickel jewelry cleaner from your nearby shopping mall and preserve it to your home. Preserve it in a safe place i.e. in a low temperature; hence you can use it for a multiple time for multiple purposes. Are you thinking which cleaner will be better for you? In this case, you are recommended to buy a WD- 40. WD- 40 cleaner has earned huge appreciation for its effectiveness.
Now come to the main task, once you have bought a WD- 40 or any other commercial cleaners as you like it. Well, apply some polish cleaner on your nickel jewelry items and take a non- abrasive substance. Then spread the cleaner to every nook and corner of the jewelry. Spread in a way so no dust can remain there. If there is any excessively tarnished part, then apply there cleaner. Now start rubbing the surface of the jewelry. Be gentle on rubbing, otherwise, there might be scratch, although nickel is a hard substance. Alright, your nickel jewelry will be clean soon, hopefully. This time you are supposed to wash off the jewelry item with fresh water and dry it as you wish; either with a soft cloth or in the open air.

Vinegar Cleaning

Vinegar solution works better in cleaning hard substance like nickel or nickel coated jewelry items. The method of vinegar cleaning is very easy and user-friendly, no doubt. You can give a try at your home. As of ingredients, you just need little vinegar and water– nothing else. First, if your jewelry item is lightly tarnished, then pour some vinegar on a small container. Then soak a piece of clean cloth in this container and then scrub the jewelry item. Keep on scrubbing the item so the dust and tarnish get away. Second, if your nickel item is heavily tarnished, then you must follow a different way. In this case, you have to make a solution of water and vinegar. Take a pot and mix water four times against one spoon of vinegar i.e. four spoons of water with one spoon vinegar. Move them with a long spoon or stick and then put your nickel coated item into the pot. As your jewelry item is heavily tarnished, keep it in the pot for 30 minutes long. Hopefully, your jewelry tarnish will be vanished. Now your task is to wash off the jewelry and dry it.


You might have known that nickel plated jewelry item is air and wet sensitive. In touch of wet, it fades away. So, keep it away from moisture. Again, nickel necklace is allergic, hence it causes rashes to those users who have the allergy problem. People suffering from allergy problem should have this consideration before they use nickel necklace.


Keep your nickel necklace in a clean box after your use. Don’t put off your necklace on sharp substance, else your necklace might get scratch. Thereafter, put off your nickel rings before you go to washroom, sea beach and bathing.

To sum up, it can be said that the longevity of your jewelry largely depends upon you. If you use your jewelry roughly, you can’t hope for long-lasting. However, if you use your necklace carefully, definitely you can hope for its permanence. As of now, learn and apply any of the above-described methods of cleaning and follow the ‘warning’ and ‘recommendation’. For sure your nickel plated jewelry item will remain shinning as if it were new. Seize the day!