How To Clean Lapis Lazuli Stone

Having Lapis Lazuli jewelry is an amazing experience. Lapis Lazuli is made of soft rock and it is measured 5 to 6 in Mohs scale. The best lapis lazuli comes from a region in Afghanistan with its deep blue color with streaks of white and flakes or streaks of gold in it. The deep blue lapis is the best and sometimes lighter lapis will be dyed and over time that dyed color. To test it put some nail polish on a cotton swab and swab a corner. If the color comes off it’sprobably dyed. Because of its soft and delicate nature, it demands special care to keep its luminous blue color shining. Lack of care it will lose its original beauty. Here we would guide you how to clean lapis lazuli crystal and the cleaning, wearing, storing, and polishing tips for your lapis. Go through the easy process and keep your jewelry ever magnificent.

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Storing process of Lapis

In the very first place, keep in mind that the gem is delicate soft stone. So avoid rubbing and scratching against any harder stones or particles. Make sure you store this valuable lapis appropriately. Using different types of soft cloth or cloth jewlry bag is handy. It will protect lapis from being spoiled and broken. You don’t need separate jewelry boxes for each of your Lapis Lazuli pieces. It can be wrapped up using soft acid free paper. Keeping them in small zip locks bags will help them from getting smashed and protect it from oxidants. However, it is often suggested that the effective way for storage of lapis lazuli is wrapping it in a dry cloth or velvet and keep it inside the jewelry box which will protect the stones from friction, scratching, and other means of wear and tear. So, store each piece in distinct box, especially the box that it came in.

Keep out from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can spoil any jewelry, that’s also true for Lapis Lazuli. While you wear lapis lazuli keep them aloof from direct heat or sunlight. So store them in an opaque jewelry box which is darker in color and capable of protecting heat. As it’s a soft rock keep your lapis in a cool and dry place. Don’t store them in a place where it will get warm. To keep your lapis moisture free, you can use silica gel.

Polishing Lapis Lazuli

Let’s see how to polish lapis lazuli. There are so many views about polishing lapis lazuli such as; to leave them unpolished, to use a jewellery grinder with a silicon carbide belt, to use gentle steady motions to polish the surface. It’s better to use Alumina to polish your stone. You also can visit a specialist if you want your lapis lazuli polished and luminous. The more you polish the thinner it gets and it’s costly as well. So keep polishing limited.

Rules of Wearing Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is more delicate compared to others gems. So, it’s highly recommended not to sleep wearing jewelry in order to avoid any pressure on the stone. If it drops in the floor, it can be broken. Thus, wear your jewelry sitting on a chair or sofa carefully. Put off your jewelry while you join in any sport or athletic activity. For its sensitive nature, it is at risk with strong pressure and high temperature. Don’t sleep wearing your jewelry. Keep an eye if it comes with contact with daily use chemical like soap, and detergent. If it touched with these chemicals dry them as soon as possible to avoid any permanent defect. Also, don’t rub over jewelry with hand. As your lapis lazuli has a risk of damaging don’t use them often; reserve them for the special occasion and don’t expose to sun constantly.

The best way of cleaning your lapis lazuli jewelry is to wipe after each wear with soft cotton cloth, especially, the cloth that comes with the jewels. This process will take away any oil or sweats that remain from your skin, makeup, perfume, and other grime. Since it is delicate it doesn’t need heavy cleaning every day.

  1. Warm soapy water is considered the best and safest way to clean lapis lazuli. It is best to start with some area that is hidden because some tint treatment is not fit enough.
  2. Use cool water but don’t soak it hours after hours. If it attached to water for a long time it may dissolve and damage the calcite content.
  3. Don’t reserve it any cleaner that contains the acidic chemical.
  4. Don’t rub over your lapis roughly or harshly because it can scratch the stone, neither use any toothbrush.
  5. Always use a soft cloth that is sting free and soft and gently rub the lapis lazuli.
  6. Though ultrasonic and ammonia are used to clean some gems, avoiding using them to clean opaque gemstones like lapis lazuli.
  7. Dry your lapis under moonshine or under the cool sun shade but not in the direct sun.
  8. Fill a shallow bowl with room temperature or lukewarm water mixed with a very mild soap or jewelry cleaner. Make sure the water you are using is not acidic.
  9. Then place the lapis lazuli in the water but don’t keep it a long time in the water.
  10. Chemicals, acids, and heating can all cause irreparable damage to this gemstone and should be avoided. Never soak these pieces in hot water. Constant exposure to heat or sunlight can result in fading.

Lapis lazuli is a much sought-after gem for its heavenly blue color. If you notice any dimness on the piece, you can get it polished but ensure that it is done cautiously, as it can weaken the strength of your lapis stone. Don’t forget the golden role to clean lapis lazuli crystal and remember if you take care of your jewelry it will remain ever protected and shine.

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