How To Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold is a luxury. It is one of the most precious metal on planet earth. Though gold is extremely expensive, it isn’t the hardest metal on earth. Pure gold is extremely malleable. With these being the downsides of pure gold, people came up with a solution that made the gold affordable and sturdier at the same time. In order to make the gold stronger, the jewelers started mixing other metals such as copper and silver with the gold. This mixture results into an affordable and stronger alloy of gold for the people. This general idea resulted into gold plated jewelry in which usually a thin layer of gold is electroplated on copper or brass made jewelry. The gold plated jewelry being very cheap, was also very fragile and flaky. The electroplated gold easily flaked off. And then, the jewelers came up with Gold Filled Jewelry.

Clean Gold Filled Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Jewelry Clean With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

So what does Gold filled jewelry mean?

Ans: Gold filled jewelry usually has a very denser layer of gold on above the brass which makes it to never flake off or wear off. In Gold filled jewelry, gold is bonded with the other metal on top under high pressure. The amount of gold is 5% or 1/20 of the total metal used in the jewelry making it good for people with sensitive skin.

Difference between gold filled and gold plated.

The misconception of gold plated and gold filled jewelry are seen even among jewelers. Gold plated jewelry is a thin layer of gold estimated 0.05% of total metal plated above brass of copper metal jewelry. On contrary Gold filled jewelry is gold densely coated on the brass jewelry keeping a ratio of 1/20 or 5% gold of the total amount of the metal.

Gold filled chains, necklaces or any jewelry are very popular among people because it is cheaper but gives the feel of pure gold. Using them on regular basis tarnishes them, makes them dirty. So, they need to be cleaned with some protective measures so that the Gold filled chains may retain their sheen.

Here go 9 awesome ways of keeping the gold filled jewelry clean

1st step

Not touching the jewelry or not letting others touch them with bare hands. Our hands are often oily and greasy by which when the jewelry is touched they easily get stained, tarnished and debris on them. This makes them lose the shine. So, NO TOUCHING every now and then.

2nd step

After a day of use, the gold filled jewelry should be air dried overnight before putting them away in the closets. This will remove moistures on the gold filled chain or rings which corrodes or stains the chain if not removed.

3rd step

Instead of using normal clothes, polishing clothes found in markets should be used for cleaning the tarnished gold filled jewelry, rose gold or even brass. They might not 14k gold but they do shine like one when cleaned with good polishing cloths.

4th step

Filling small bowl in water and making an ammonia solution there and then soaking a piece of cotton the gold filled piece should be rubbed gently. After the debris wipes off, the jewelry piece needs to be left for air drying so that no moistures are left on it.

5th step

Add some non-bleach detergent powder in warm water and then put the especially dirty gold filled jewelry in the solution for a minute. Rinse it off with water and pat dry it.

6th step

Using Windex removes the grime off the gold chains and jewelry. Soak the jewelry in windex and then rinse it off. Air dry the jewelry after that.

7th step

Jewelry cloth should be used on the gold filled pieces to bring back the sparkles. The sparkles are always washed off when the gold filled jewelry comes in contact with water.

8th step

Each piece of the gold filled jewelry should be covered in tissue and put in separate boxes to store them. Constant rubbing each other may make them lose the sparkle and put scratches on each other.

9th step

Matte clothing to preserve the jewelry, especially the gold filled ones are rather harmful to the jewelry. The coating often gallops through the gold layering which results in an unsightly piece of jewelry.

Some important things we should know about gold filled jewelry:

Gold filled jewelry cant be cast. Casting generally means melting the metal and giving it a new shape. Since gold-filled jewelry has layers of gold layers unlike 14k Gold, the alloy layers may turn into a big melted mess if it is cast.

Some jewelry designers refer to gold-filled items as just “gold.” But it is illegal to do so because they are not 14k gold or solid gold all inside. This might get one into legal trouble for fraud.

Gold filled and Gold plated jewelry is not the same. Though both includes layers of gold on top of a different metal as brass or copper, they are not the same. Gold plated items do not have any proportional measures and it is estimated to have 0.05% gold or less of the total metal. On contrary, Gold filled jewelry have 5% gold by weight.

Final words

Gold filled jewelry is reasonably priced, quality alternative to 14k solid gold. With the limitations it has, it has the look of solid gold without its price and is often a very good option to avoid tarnishing and allergy problems. Its natural to get the jewelry dirty, all we can do is try to keep them clean as much as possible. So, following all the steps mentioned in this article of how to keep gold filled jewelry clean, one can certainly keep the jewelry bright and shiny.