How To Clean Gemstone Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry means we are conscious of our investment. We should clean our jewelry twice a year. And the jewelry we use daily it gets dirty very often and lost its beauty and makes us upset. There are many ways to clean the valuable of you. So don’t worry. We are always with you. In the article, we are going to show the ways of cleaning your valuables and want to keep you with the pleasure of new things every day.

Clean Jewelry With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothes

In this article, we are going to tell you about gemstone. Yes, a gemstone is a valuable piece of mineral crystal which, we form its shape by cutting and polishing. It is so popular with us that we use them to enhance our beauty. There are many kinds of gemstones.

The precious gemstones are :

  •  Diamond
  •  Ruby
  •  Sapphire
  •  Emerald

But nowadays all gemstones are considered as precious and prestigious because of their high demand but there is no supply according to their demand. So we can say gemstone very rare today and that’s why it is considered a precious stone of the day indeed.


When should a stone be cleaned?

  • As soon as we purchase
  • Before it’s programmed
  • After using each time
  • When you feel it has become drained and dull

How often should we clean?

  • Regularly used stones every day
  • Healing stones, massage wands, and pendulums should be cleaned after used
  • Alter stones and environmental healing stones should be washed once a month.


The arrangements of washing gemstones

  • Soft brushes are needed to clean hard gemstone. Soft bristle toothbrush can be a good choice
  • Take a regular glass cleaner
  • Use ultrasonic cleaner to bring back the brightness of the jewelry
  • Take baking soda
  • Keep an ammonia cleaner


Before we begin to describe the cleaning method we better say something. Cleaning gemstone is very easy. Just we need to be a little careful to protect the stone from any damage.

1.Take soft brushes for hard gems.
A soft bristle brush is suitable to clean the hard stone. To clean the jewelry take a warm bowl of water and scrub with a few drops ordinary dishwashing detergents.

2.Use regular glass cleaner
This is very easy and popular method of cleaning the staffs. The cleaner clean all the dirt and oil. Hand gloves can be used to escape the bad odder on your skin.

3.Remove grime with window cleaner
Take a small bowl of lukewarm soapy water and leave the jewelry in the water. Let them wet for some time and move your jewelry into another bowl filled with glass cleaner for a few moments and then wipe the staff with a soft brush. The dirt of the staff will be wiped away. Rinse them under water. Rub the jewelry with a dry and soft rag.

4.Use ultrasonic cleaner
If your requirement is highly cleaning then you should follow this method. An ultrasonic cleaner helps you in professional cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners are absolutely saved. The machines clean the staffs as a professional cleaner. The machines keep your hands off from the work.

5.Use good old – fashioned baking soda.
Baking soda is a common and powerful cleaning element. Mix the baking soda with water and make a paste. Now take a soft bristle brush and polish the ring, necklace and other staff gently. Lastly, wipe staff with a soft rag to dry.

6.Using an ammonia cleaner
Ammonia is very strong chemical. Mix ammonia with water and use the solution to clean the staffs. The ratio is would be ammonia 1: water 3 will make a safe cleaning solution. Remember this will not harm your jewelry.


Now we are showing you another way to clean your crystals in a brightening mood

• At first wash the staffs well
• Rinse simply
• Take the crystal out. Perfect time to put them out is just after sunset
• Let them stay till next morning
• Rub them with a soft cloth

Your jewelry will be bright like a new one.


More method of cleansing stones

Now we are describing some more methods of cleaning gemstones. Read the direction described below:

Fire – Carefully heat the stones through the flames of a candle. Move the stones through the flame several times until your satisfaction of cleaning. The fire will burn all the harmful energy.

Smudging – Carefully pass the stones through the smoke of white sage smudge stick several times. Do it until you get back the real brightness of the stone.

Water – wash the stones in moving water.This can be done in any one of the following three

  • First, take stones in a bag and hold them in the flowing water of the river. It may take several minutes.
  • By leaving the stones in the rain for several hours
  • You can hold it under the faucet for several minutes

The water will wash away the bad energy.


Remember soft stones like Angelite, some calcites, howlite, aragonite, azurite, dolomite, malachite, selenite, sulfur cannot be cleaned. It dissolves the stones to a greater or lesser degree

Earth – dig some area of soil and leave the stones in the hole you have made.Leave the stones in the hole one full day. Don’t forget to keep a sign so that you can find out the spot easily. The soil will absorb the negative power of your stones. Stones feel very comfortable there as they were born there and naturally grown up.

Sea Salt – Put the stones in a mesh bag and then leave the bag in the ocean and rinse for several minutes. Or take a pinch of sea salt and leave it into a glass of water and dip the stones into the water for several minutes. Don’t try to do the cleaning work with dry sea salt. It may damage your valuable stones. So, of course, you have to mix sea salt with some water. Normal water will do.

Light – Bright sunlight can help you in cleaning stones. Place the stone in bright sunlight or you can leave the stone on your windowsill. Leave the stone for at least one hour or more. Then solar power will damage the negative power of your stones. But don’t leave stones in the sun for a long time. It may discolor the stones.

Sound – Take bell, chime or turning fork. Now make a sound. Do it again and again until the energies feel cleansed.

Air – smudge the stones on all sides with a sage smudge stick, or with dried sage or cedar. Or you can pass the stones through the smoke of sandalwood or sage incense. Sage is a very effective cleanser. It easily neutralizes the negative energy and converts it into a positive energy.

Quartz Cluster – leave the stone on quartz cluster of a bag of crystal chips for at least one full day. Clear quartz is superb for magnifying, focusing and enhancing the positive power.

Pyramid – leave the stone under a glass pyramid for a few days. The pyramid will make a positive energy and it will neutralize any negative thing which has been contained in the stones.



We are beginning our conclusion saying that all cleansing methods are compatible with each other. So it is up to you to choose the right and suitable ones for you and for your stones. But we will say you to go with the combination method of cleansing. As it is good for the new stones, clearing stones for programming and cleansing and recharging heavily drained stones. Through combinations, we may enjoy a perfect cleaning and it will be quicker also.

Clean Hard Gemstone With Ultrasonic Cleaner [IF NEEDED]

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