How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

Being crowned as the hardest element on the planet, diamond is one of the most precious elements on this planet. Having a rate of 10 on Moh’s scale diamonds are pretty much indestructible. Even to burn a diamond, it needs to be heated to 1000-1500 degree Celsius. This screams at our face about its sheer strength in terms of toughness. Though it won’t receive scratches on its very precious body, they are very well known to be prone to dust. Our very soft hands may easily put oily smudges on this indestructible gem by the mere touch of the fingers which would cause to losing the gemstone’s appeal to a great extent.

So isn’t it necessary for the billionaires or millionaires even the pretty lucky workers at the diamond jewelry shop to know how to keep the diamonds sparkling and appealing as royal as it is?

So without wasting any more time of our precious life, let’s get right into it.

Clean Diamond Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Clean Jewelry With Solution

Must-Use Cleaning Clothes

Cleaning on a regular basis:

Keeping the value of the diamonds in mind, they deserve to be given a slight portion of the owner’s time every often in a while on keeping them sparkling! A routine plan might help this to be a lot easier. Soaking them in degreasing solutions like ammonia solutions, soda water or mild dish soap for at least once in a week and then rubbing it with a clean brush or soft cloth would bring the ever bright shine to the diamonds! But care should be taken so that the fragile settings that is weak settings with prongs do not get loose while rubbing them.

Carefully handling them:

As mentioned earlier, the diamonds are very much prone to greases and oils. So while touching them with bare hands, care should be taken so that the oils of the fingers doesn’t get adhered to the diamonds. Because that would just make things worse while cleaning them.

Using Ultrasonic Cleaner:

To clean the deeply engraved dirt on the diamonds which doesn’t come off with regular rubs needs some extra care! After soaking the diamonds in a cleaning solution, the solution along with diamonds should undergo some sound waves with low/high frequency produced by an ultrasonic cleaner which would vibrate and shake the dirt off the diamonds resulting in bringing the sparkles back. But care to be taken because the fragile prongs might get loosened which would decline the quality and value of the jewelry. And also proceed cautiously if the diamond has been treated with fracture fillings and so on. The diamond’s grading report must be studied to be aware if it had been treated or not.So, expert hands should do this kind of cleaning. Thus, it is better to make the diamonds undergo ultrasonic cleaning in a jewelry store!

Avoiding harmful solutions:

While you may get advices of cleaning the diamonds with toothpaste or other solutions, it is to be firmly considered on what kind of solution you are using.
Household cleaners like chlorine solutions may not harm or damage the diamonds considering how tough they are but these solutions will heavily damage the quality of the alloy silver, gold or platinum which are used as prongs of the diamonds.

Diamond jewelries are more or less of an investment, so it is better to take your time and clean them.

One unusual way

An unusual way of cleaning diamonds is using alcohol. After soaking the diamonds in alcohol for a bit of time, rubbing it with dry clothes, brush or dental floss which will clean the hard to reach areas and bring all the shine back!
But it is very important to be noted that rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) should not be used for any type of jewelry!

Using White Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning, white vinegar is a blessing! Cleaning jewelries have never been easier. Simply putting the diamonds in the vinegar for few minutes and then rubbing them with soft brush cleans all the dirts off. But it should never be overdone since it might damage the alloyed gold used as a prong.

One more unusual way

Antacid tablets has already shown it’s might through it’s fizzing power that soothes our stomach. But it has one more use. Making a solution of antacid tablets and warm water, you are to put the gemstone in the solution for a few minutes. And then rub it and rinse it with water!

So, these are some most usual and unusual ways to clean your gemstones. Anyone of the ways will do. But no matter what these ultra precious gems deserve a checkup by a jeweler at least once in 6 months to check the prongs of the settings and a cleaning through the ultrasonic cleaner!