How To Clean Copper Jewelry : Easy and Simple Ways

It is commonly known that copper is huge material and industrial value in addition to its aristocratic significance. People all over the world use copper jewelry as a fashionable and luxury product. They use it as an earring, necklace, bracelet or as a bangle. Everything is alright with the copper jewelry except its short permanence. Copper jewelry loses brightness in touch of air because copper jewelry items are humidity sensitive. So they need constant and meticulous care. If we clean our jewelry items on a regular basis, then we can ensure a long lasting. Added with this, the brightness will remain high. When the brightness of the jewelry is faded away, it looks dirty and old. There is no one who feels comfortable wearing a dirty and faded jewelry. Some important questions come: How can we clean our copper jewelry? Should we take them to jewelry shop? It’s not a big deal at all! We can clean our jewelry items at home. There have been a number of easy and simple ways. Let’s a look on them;

1. Clean Copper Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

Here given links of some ultrasonic cleaners give you an awesome experience.

2. Jewelry Clean With Solution

3. Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

4. Clean with Lemon Juice and Salt

This is one of the easiest ways of cleaning copper rings. You don’t need much effort for this. This method just requires a lemon and some salt. That’s alright! First, make four slices from one lemon and then squeeze those slices into a bowl or pot. Second, add some salt to the lemon juice. Add salt according to a right measurement. With a lemon one and half teaspoon, salt is enough. Then your task is to dip the jewelry item into the juice. If the jewelry is excessively dirty and tarnished, then keep your jewelry there for 15- 20 minutes. Your next duty is to rub the jewelry with a soft cotton cloth. While you are rubbing your copper items, rub softly, else your jewelry item may have a bigger scratch. And your final assignment comes here! This time you have to wash off your jewelry with fresh water. Relax!

5. Clean with Baking Soda and Lemon

You don’t need to take your copper- made jewelry items to jewelry mechanics. Just bring some baking soda and a lemon from your nearby market, you can clean your jewelry at home. Now put some baking soda in a pot. The half cup is alright! Then add some salt to the baking soda with the salt. Salt increases acidity which is helpful to remove tarnish. This time squeeze a lemon on the baking soda and move them around. Keep on moving until they turn into a good solution. Alright! Now apply some paste on your copper necklace. Make sure that soda- lemon paste is applied in every curve and corner of the jewelry. Thereafter, you have to take a soft toothbrush or a piece of soft cloth and start rubbing upon the jewelry items. It has been told earlier copper is a fragile element, it may break down or tarnish further. So rub with due care and concentration. Once the necklace looks clean and fresh, wash it with fresh water.

6. Clean with Tomato Ketchup

This method is pretty amazing! Initially, no one believes that tomato ketchup can remove copper jewelry from dirt and scratch. Just give a try and get the proof. For this, you can prepare tomato ketchup at your home or buy can buy one from any departmental store. You can eat this sauce as well. Anyway, our intention is to clean our copper jewelry items using tomato ketchup as of now. So, apply some sauce to the jewelry item and keep on rubbing it carefully and smoothly. Carry on this work until the tarnish of the jewelry item is gone. It is supposed that your jewelry item will come out as a cleaning one within 5-6 minutes. Afterward, you have to wash off your necklace with fresh water and then sweep it with soft and dry cotton cloth or tissue.

7. Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar is a very effective ingredient to clean copper jewelry pieces. Let’s learn how to clean your necklace with vinegar! You can’t make vinegar at your home if you are not expert at chemical composition. No worries! Go to a departmental store and buy a vinegar bottle. Preserve it in your home, hence you can sue it for several times. Now start your main session. Take some vinegar in a pot. Take an optimum amount of vinegar so that you can dip your jewelry items. Then put your necklace into your pot. Make it sure that your jewelry item is submerged in the vinegar. Alright, keep it there for 15- 20 minutes. Afterward, take out the necklace when the tarnish over the jewelry is gone.

8. Clean with Toothpaste

This is a homely system of cleaning bronze jewelry items. You can clean your rings anytime using toothpaste. It just needs some paste and a brush or soft cloth. However, this system is a bit sensitive. You must use the brush with your due care and attention, because your brush may cause a scratch on your jewelry items. Anyway, apply some toothpaste on your jewelry and start rubbing with a toothbrush or soft cotton cloth. Once the dirt and tarnish will vanish from the jewelry. This time your duty is to wash the jewelry with fresh water. That’s all you need to do with toothpaste cleaning!

Nota bene: You don’t need to follow all the above state methods. Read them all, see which one is good for you and then decide. Obviously, you can change your method if you find it uncomfortable for you.


As copper jewelry gets tarnished in touch of air, keep your copper- made a necklace in an airtight box when it is not in use. Further, keep it away from water and wet place, because this sort of jewelry is humidity sensitive. Put your copper rings away from sharp materials, hence sharp materials may cause a scratch on your jewelry. And finally like other jewelry, put off your copper rings before you go to sea-beach, washroom and bed.