How To Clean Bronze Jewelry : Some Easy and simple ways

From the time immemorial people use jewelry as a luxury product. Like other luxury jewelry items, bronze has an appeal to its users across the world. In fact, bronze is an alloy in terms of its composition. It comprises of copper and tin. Anyway, knowing usage and maintenance of bronze is more important than knowing its material composition. When bronze comes in touch of oxygen, a greenish layer of copper oxide falls on bronze jewelry items. If we take care and clean our jewelry on a regular basis, then we can hope for a long-lasting. In this case, we must know how to clean and care bronze jewelry items. We don’t necessarily go to the jewelry shop for this task, rather we can do it at our home. Let’s know how!

1. Clean Bronze Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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2. Jewelry Clean With Solution

3. Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

4. Clean with Lemon Juice and Soda

This system is pretty simple and user-friendly. Hence we don’t need much effort for this. First, we need to take a lemon, make two or four slices out of it and squeeze them in a bowl. Then we have to mix two tablespoons of baking soda with the lemon squeeze and make a paste of it. Alright! Now our task is to apply some paste on our bronze necklace. We must make sure that paste is applied in very knock and corner of the jewelry. Afterward, we should take a soft cloth or toothbrush and rub carefully on the surface of the necklace. We should continue to rub unless and until the item seems clean and vivid. At the same time, we must bear in mind that bronze jewelry should be rubbed softly otherwise it may tarnish the color instead of cleaning. Once the dirt and germ are cleared, then we have to clean it with fresh water. Finally, our job is to dry out the jewelry. We can do it either with tissue paper, with soft dry cloth or naturally in the open air.

5. Clean with Vinegar and Flour

We can use our bronze jewelry using vinegar and flour. For this we need;

  • A bowl
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • A piece of soft cloth

First, we should take an optimum amount of flour in a bowl and mix a little amount of salt with it. Salt increases the acidity which is helpful to remove dirt and germ. Then we have to pour vinegar according to our needs. This time we should move the ingredients of the bowl and make a solution of them. Once the paste is ready, we should apply it to the body of our necklace. If the necklace is excessively dirty, then we can keep the paste for twenty to thirty minutes. Afterward, we need to rub it with the soft cloth. Our bronze jewelry will look clean and fresh, at this moment we should wash off the jewelry with fresh water. As always now we should dry our jewelry pieces. We can dry it in two ways. Firstly, we can dry it using soft dry cloth. The second one is natural! We can keep our jewelry in the open air, our task will be done naturally.

6. Clean with Boiling water and Soap

The mixture of boiling water and soap is an effective way of cleaning bronze jewelry. The ingredients of this system are available everywhere. So anytime we can give a try if we look that our bronze jewelry items are tarnished. The ingredients we need are;

  • Mild hot water
  • A bowl
  • Dish- wash soap
  • Soft cloth/ toothbrush

Our process will start with pouring the mild hot water on the bowl. Then we have to mix dish the wash soap with the water. We should mix in a proper way in order that foam comes out of this mixture. When we can notice foam from the mixture, then we should put our bronze jewelry piece(s) into the bowl. We should keep it there for fifteen to twenty minutes as to dirt and germ get away. After that, we can pull it from the bowl and rub with the soft cloth. We must remember that hard rubbing may damage our jewelry. So we should rub softly as our intention is not to damage it but to clean it. Now the final task is to be done i.e. to wash off the jewelry and dry it out.

7. Clean with Ketchup

This system of cleaning bronze jewelry items is pretty simple. For this, we just need to apply ketchup on the jewelry items. We should ensure the application of ketchup in every corner of the jewelry because dirt and germ remain mostly in the corner and curve. Thereafter, we should carefully rub the jewelry. Once the bronze items seem clean and clean, we should stop rubbing. Our next job is to wash off the jewelry.
The above-explained four systems of cleaning and caring bronze jewelry items are easy and simple. We don’t need to use all those four systems. Rather we should explore which one is easiest for us. If a given system doesn’t seem comfortable, then we can choose another. No problems! We have multiple options. Our jewelry items just need our due attention. If we put attention to our bronze jewelry rings, then they will remain always good looking and serve for a longer period.


Remember a few things. They may cause serious damage to our jewelry. First, put off your jewelry before you go to washroom, bed and sea beach. Second, don’t put your hand on a hard matter like wall or table, because hard matter may cause a scratch on your jewelry items. Third, after your use, keep your jewelry in a small box not in the open space, because dust will fall upon your jewelry and it will tarnish it.