How To Clean Brass Jewelry : Some Easy and Simple Ways

Brass is a compound matter. It comprises copper and zinc. Anyway, the jewelry made of brass looks gorgeous and shiny. People around the world irrespective of men and women like to use brass jewelry items. It may be earring, bracelet or bangle, people wear them as a sign of fashion. However, the beauty of brass jewelry items is not permanent. Like other metal jewelry, it loses its beauty, fades away and gets scratched. Only our care can save it from being tarnished. If we take care regularly, we can ensure long-lasting and shiny look. By the way, we can clean and care brass rings in a few ways. Let’s have a look at the ways.

1. Clean Brass Jewelry With Ultrasonic Cleaner

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2. Jewelry Clean With Solution

3. Must-Use Cleaning Clothe

4. Clean with Warm Water and Soap

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways of cleaning brass jewelry. The ingredients are available everywhere. It just needs warm water and dish soap.

First, we need to collect a bowl, necessary amount of dish wash soap, a piece of soft cloth and toothbrush. Now we can start our main task. We should take warm water on the bowl and mix the optimum amount of dish wash soap. Then we must make a good solution of these materials. Once the solution is alright, we can dip the jewelry items into the solution. This time we have to rub the brass necklace with soft cloth or toothbrush. We must continue rubbing until and unless the jewelry looks clean and fresh. One thing must be remembered that hard rubbing will damage the jewelry. So we should rub softly. Afterward, we have to wash off our brass rings with fresh water and then dry it with tissue paper or soft cloth.

5. Clean with Lemon Juice

Cleaning brass necklace with lemon juice solution is a very effective way. Moreover, the method is not difficult. It’s pretty simple! We just need a slice of lemon or a full lemon. First, we have to squeeze the lemon and put the juice into a bowl or glass. Then we should mix some water with it. In addition to water, we can mix a teaspoon salt. The mixture is done! Now we need to put our brass rings into the lemon juice mixture. We must make it sure that the brass jewelry is submerged in the mixture. Again, we need to keep it 20- 30 minutes there. Then we can rub the items using soft cloth or toothbrush if they look unclean. This time we should rinse the items with fresh water and dry out them. That’s it!

6. Clean with Vinegar and Flour

We can make a paste in our home and clean our brass coated jewelry items. This paste can be used instead of commercially manufactured chemicals. The process of making a paste is not that tough. It just needs half cup vinegar, some flour and one teaspoon of salt. That’s all! Now we have to mix these three items in a bowl. We should move them in a way, so they make a good solution. This paste is our cleaning material. Once the mixture is ready, we should apply the paste on the brass ring and keep it for 15- 20 minutes. Then we need to rub upon the jewelry using a toothbrush. No worries it will work out. Our tarnished jewelry will look brighter! Finally, we have to wash off and dry out our item. Relax!

7. Clean with Tomato Ketchup

Tomato ketchup is an effective material for cleaning brass earrings because tomato ketchup contains acid like lemon juice. We can make tomato ketchup in our house. We can buy commercially manufactured ketchup too. First, we have to take some ketchup on the head of a soft brush, or we can directly put on the brass jewelry items. We can keep it in this condition for a few minutes. Then we should take a soft cloth or toothbrush and start rubbing the brass jewelry item. We should keep on rubbing the item until it looks clean. At the same time, we should bear in mind that hard rubbing will damage the brass item. Once the brass ring is clean, we have to wash off the jewelry. Then our final task is to dry out the jewelry. We can do this task in two ways. First, we can use soft and dry cloth for this. Second, we can dry it out in the open air. It’s natural process!

8. Clean with Toothpaste

Toothpaste is always used to clean different materials. It’s an easy way! For this, we should put some paste on a soft toothbrush and apply over the body of brass coated jewelry items. Then we need to start rubbing the jewelry items. As always we should rub softly, otherwise, it will tarnish the jewelry instead of cleaning. At last, we have to wash off the brass necklace and dry out with the soft cloth or in the open air.

In fine, there have been a number of ways to clean our brass jewelry. It is not possible to apply all the ways all the time! Rather we can apply any of the ways based on our time, scope and space. If we clean our brass jewelry items at a regular interval, it doesn’t matter which method we adopt, it will look bright and gorgeous as if it were new.


We must remember brass jewelry is a fancy item. We should not use it for a regular purpose, rather we should use it occasionally. Added with that, we should put out our brass jewelry when we go to washroom, sea- beach or bed. Because it may get scratched and lose it beauty. We shouldn’t clean our brass jewelry with toothpaste repeatedly. It also may damage the necklace.