How To Clean Opal Jewelry

Opal is one of the oldest and valuable natural stone in the present world. There was a time when opal was considered as a symbol of royalty in Europe. World’s 80% opal is now supplied from South Australia. This valuable opal was first founded in August 1956 in Australia. From the past to present the opal is valuable stones having a different color like white, black, red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green or even colorless. It is the only one stone having different colors in the family of natural stone. Having that different color the stone can attract any person from any age.

The jewelry made with the opal stones has a different and attractive look than any other stones can do. Suppose if you use diamond the jewelry looks like black but using colorful stone can make your jewelry attractive, charming, glorious and perfect for you as well. Having this valuable stone you should take care your stone and jewelry one times in a week. If your careless about your opal jewelry and are not interested to clean them, the jewelry gets dirty and are not suitable to use. The stone loss its glamour and you lose your desire look too. This article is about how to clean opal jewelry, the process of cleaning, the requirement, and the tips not to do while cleaning your jewelry.

Different ways are followed to clean the opal jewelry. Actually, opal is used in jewelry to modify the beauty. So there are two parts of an opal jewelry. One is the stone and another is the metal part. You can clean this two parts separately. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your metal part of the opal jewelry. But, do not use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your valuable opal stone. The ultrasonic sound waves that the cleaner generates is not suitable for any natural stone. The stone is fragile so the waves can damage the stone seriously. You can clean the two parts at the same time, that will save your time too. You can use baking soda, coke, ketchup, ammonia, vinegar, acid or Ultrasonic cleaner. The methods are discussed clearly for your better understanding so that you can clean your opal jewelry with care and in the right way to get the best result.

1.Clean Jewelry With Solution

2.Must-Use Cleaning Clothes

3. Cleaning Opal Jewelry with Baking Soda:

Actually, sodium bicarbonate is known as baking soda that is used to clean the surface of jewelry. It is one of the most used methods to clean your jewelry manually. You can use this formula to clean your all kinds of jewelry not only opal jewelry but also diamond, gold or silver as well. The process is also very simple. Firstly, make a thick paste using ¼ cup baking soda with 2 tablespoons clean water. Now apply the paste on your jewelry, do it very carefully. Now gently rub the paste with a clean and soft toothbrush. Do the process about 5 minutes. After that dry your jewelry with clean jewelry polishing cloth. Now, your jewelry is ready for you.

4. Cleaning Opal Jewelry with Coke:

Someone can’t believe that they are going to clean their jewelry with the coke, that they usually drink as a soft drink. The average pH value of coca-cola or Pepsi is 3.4. That level of pH is enough to clean rust from any metal ceramic as well. By using this cake you can clean your toilet too. It is really amazing to think. Now come to the cleaning process. First, drop your jewelry into the can of coke. Keep the jewelry in the coke about 10 to 15 minutes. After the time ends, collect your jewelry from the can and dry with soft cloth carefully. Keep the jewelry in your stock with the box of fiber.

5. Cleaning Opal Jewelry with Ketchup:

Ketchup is also known as tomato sauce or red sauce. It is one kind of condiment. This ketchup is one of the best and simplest ways to clean your old jewelry. Just liquidate your jewelry in the blow of the ketchup and keep the jewelry in the blow for about 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t keep it too long because the acid from tomato and vinegar can damage your valuable opal jewelry. After that time, remove the jewelry from the ketchup and scrub the paste with a clean and soft toothbrush. Then wash the jewelry with warm water and dry with a clean and soft cloth. Complete the process with taking enough time and care.

6. Cleaning Opal Jewelry with Ammonia:

Do you know what is the jewelry cleaning solution? The jewelry cleaning solution is one kind of liquid using to clean jewelry without the help of any machine. You can also use it with an ultrasonic cleaner, for using the performance of the cleaner increase. But in this case, the ultrasonic cleaner is not suitable for the opal jewelry especially the opal stone. You can make jewelry cleaning solution at home with the help of the ammonia. Making your solution use one part of the ammonia and six parts of water. Now gently scrub the jewelry along with the opal stone with a soft and clean toothbrush by using the new home-made solution. After this process washes the jewelry with clean water and dries it very carefully.

7. Cleaning Opal Jewelry with vinegar:

Vinegar is one kind of liquid consists of nearly 5 to 20% of acid, water or other chemicals. The vinegar is not only perfect for your jewelry but also for your all other household activities like clean your piano key, restore your rugs, remove calendar wax, get rid of the smoke-odor, clean stainless steel, clean your microwave etc. Now, see the steps of cleaning the opal jewelry. Simply drop your opal jewelry into the jar of vinegar and let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. After finishing the time, collect the jewelry from the jar and scrub the jewelry smoothly with the help of a soft and clean toothbrush, if needed. Finally, dry your jewelry with the help of the soft and clean cloth.

8. Cleaning Opal with Acid:

This process is most suitable for opal stone. Actually, stones are most fragile part of a jewelry. So you should wash the stone with liquid. The brush is also used to clean stones. The process is just like the cleaning process of vinegar. Firstly drop your stone into the jar of the acid and keep the stone in the jar for about 5 minutes. Don’t keep for a long time, because the acid can damage your valuable opal. Then collect the opal stone carefully because the acid is also harmful to you as well. Wash the stone with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. Finally, restore the stone in your jewelry with care.

9. Cleaning Jewelry with Ultrasonic Cleaner:

The ultrasonic cleaner is the best way to cleaning your goods made with metal, glass, and ceramic. The machine uses the ultrasonic sound wave to clean the jewelry. But the cleaner is not perfect for cleaning natural stones. As the machine use the waves to clean, the stones have the chance of breaking down. That would be very bad for you. So you can simply put off the stone from the jewelry and use the ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning the metal part of your jewelry. The process is also simple. Input the jewelry in the machine and set time like 3 or 5 minutes, the cleaner cleans your item by its own care. After finishing the machine process, just restore the opal stone in the place where it was before. You can use jewelry cleaning solution with your ultrasonic cleaner to get the best result.

With the help of this 7 methods, you can clean your opal jewelry just like professional. And a cleansed jewelry makes you totally different and glorious.

Tips on Caring the Opal Jewelry

You need to clean the opal jewelry very carefully. There are some tips that will help you to perform your cleaning process in the right way.

  • Like the sun for you, light and heat are also harmful to the jewelry. When you clean your jewelry you should care about the light and heat that you use on your jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelry away from any harmful chemical. Because the chemical may affect your jewelry by affected its color.
  • When you will use acid, be careful because the acid is very harmful to you too.
  • Don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean you opal stone.
  • Always use jewelry cleaning cloth to clean and dry your jewelry.
  • Safely store your stone and jewelry.

Jewelry is valuable and beloved for everyone. So, proper care is needed to clean your jewelry. The above methods are commonly used ways to clean jewelry and stone as well. With the help of tips, I wish you can clean your jewelry in the right way and restore them in your stock.

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