How To Clean Gold Plated Jewelry

Ah, Gold! No wonder it is one of the most used jewelry items in the world. It has a long history of being used literally and non- literally. It has got space in mythology, poem, fiction– broadly in literature as a symbol of aristocracy. Men, woman, and children all over the world use gold plated jewelry either in form of the necklace, bangle or bracelets. There has been a tradition that groom presents gold necklace to his bride on the occasion of the marriage ceremony. Nowadays rich families buy gold in yearly festivals as well. Furthermore, it is commonly known to all that many countries specifically African countries witnessed much bloody war centering the possession of gold. Reasons are pretty apprehensible. Gold? No doubt a precious metal!

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Why cleaning and caring?

The first and foremost exterior trait of gold is that it looks shiny. But, when we use our gold-plated jewelry frequently, it comes in touch with air and dust. In consequence, our gold coated necklace gets dirty and looks faded. A faded or tarnished jewelry is never expected to us. Jewelry means glittering to us! Alright, if we take regular care, then we can ensure its glittering look.

How to clean and care?

People usually think they need to take their jewelry to a jewelry shop when it is tarnished. No! That’s a wrong idea we possess. We can clean and care our jewelry items at our home. It won’t take much time and efforts. It just needs our due attention. A few methods of cleaning and caring gold coated jewelry have been discussed below. Read them all and pick up which one is for you.
Happy Cleaning and Caring!

Clean with dish- wash soap

This system is pretty simple. As of ingredients, you need to buy a dish wash detergent. It will be available at any departmental store. Buy one and preserve in your home. You can use it multiple times. Besides, you can use dish wash soap for your other purposes. Now, you can start your action! Just pour some dish wash detergent in a small bowl or pot and mix some lukewarm water. Then you need to move the liquid with a spoon or stick. Keep on moving. When foam will grow from the liquid, then you can be sure that the mixture is usable. This time put your gold necklace in the bowl and make sure that the necklace is submerged properly. Keep it there for 20- 30 minutes. When the time is over, pull out your jewelry and see if the tarnishes are vanished or not. If not, then scrub your jewelry with a soft brush or cotton cloth. Hopefully, you are done with the task. Then your job is almost done. You just need to wash off the jewelry now. So wash off with fresh water in order that foam gets away from the jewelry.

Clean with ammonia

You can use ammonia if your gold jewelry is excessively tarnished. Remember, ammonia is a sharp chemical, so you should use it frequently. Use ammonia only when your gold piece is excessively tarnished and scratched and other methods hardly work.

Alright, put the necessary amount of ammonia in a pot. Then mix water with the ammonia. Remember, your water must be six times more against the amount of ammonia. Now move them with a stick or long spoon. Look if the mixture is alright or not. If you find the mixture is ready, then put your gold item into the pot and keep it for one minute. Be cautious about time! It has been said before that ammonia is a sharp chemical. But you don’t need to be scared! Thereafter, pull out your jewelry item from the pot and start rubbing with a soft toothbrush or soft cotton cloth. Your final task comes up now. That’s usual, as similar as previous — wash your gold with running fresh water. Relax, your gold ring will look brighter!

Clean with Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very effective material, hence it has the multifaceted use. Like other jewelry items, we can clean and care our gold coated rings using toothpaste. And obviously, the system is known to many. Still, if you don’t know it, then don’t be late. Just have a look, it will serve you a lot, no worries!

As of now, apply some toothpaste upon your gold item. Apply in a way so that the paste is applied in every curve and corner of the jewelry. Then keep it with the paste for a few minutes so it can soften the dirt and germ. This time take a soft toothbrush and start scrubbing over the gold piece. Bear in mind that hard scrubbing may damage your gold. So keep on scrubbing softly so the dirt and germ get away and no harm is caused to your jewelry. Your business is near to ending! Now take some fresh water and wash off your gold item with that. Feel relaxed!

No doubt, gold is a valuable and luxurious substance. We buy it spending our hard- earned money. So why should we let it go in ruin? Only our due attention can retain its glittering mode and ensure its longevity. You might have found that the systems are easy too. So feel the chill!


You must be careful about a few things while you use your gold plated jewelry. Remember, your body spray may react with your gold, hence sprays are made of chemicals and gold is a chemically reactive substance. Besides, a sharp substance may cause scratch upon your gold items. So keep your jewelry away from sharp metal. Dust is also a menace for gold-coated jewelry, as it decreases the brightness of gold. In this case, keep away from dust and preserve your gold item in a box while it is not in use. Least not the last, put off your gold necklace before you go to the washroom, sea beach or bed—this last instruction is applicable for all sorts of jewelry.