How To Clean Gold Vermeil

Jewelry!. An item of luxury that everyone wants to pursue but a very little amount of people can. Although this is an item, you can’t complain about the price it holds on the market because of its demand and the pristine shine it retains for itself all day and night long. Jewelry may well as … Read more

How To Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold is a luxury. It is one of the most precious metal on planet earth. Though gold is extremely expensive, it isn’t the hardest metal on earth. Pure gold is extremely malleable. With these being the downsides of pure gold, people came up with a solution that made the gold affordable and sturdier at the … Read more

How To Clean Pewter Jewelry

You might have learned that pewter is an alloy. Usually, an alloy consists of two or more substances. Indeed, pewter comprises two metals i.e. tin and a small amount of copper. Pewter is one of the most precious metals. To be more specific, pewter is considered to be the fourth precious metal in the world; … Read more

How To Clean Palladium Jewelry

Palladium is a wedding jewelry. It has long been used as a substitute of platinum or sometimes as a white gold. In fact, palladium is equivalent to 14k white gold. So the people across the world use this jewelry item on their marriage ceremony. In addition to a marriage ceremony, people buy and present palladium … Read more

How To Clean Nickel Plated Jewelry | Easy and Simple Ways

What’s your notion about nickel? As you will buy and use nickel coated jewelry, we should have an elementary idea about the nickel. That might work better for you! Nickel usually doesn’t get scratched, hence nickel is a hard substance. Nickel can resist scratch and gives the look of a silver metal-made jewelry. However, we … Read more

How To Clean Gold Plated Jewelry

Ah, Gold! No wonder it is one of the most used jewelry items in the world. It has a long history of being used literally and non- literally. It has got space in mythology, poem, fiction– broadly in literature as a symbol of aristocracy. Men, woman, and children all over the world use gold plated … Read more

How To Clean Copper Jewelry : Easy and Simple Ways

It is commonly known that copper is huge material and industrial value in addition to its aristocratic significance. People all over the world use copper jewelry as a fashionable and luxury product. They use it as an earring, necklace, bracelet or as a bangle. Everything is alright with the copper jewelry except its short permanence. Copper … Read more

How To Clean Bronze Jewelry : Some Easy and simple ways

From the time immemorial people use jewelry as a luxury product. Like other luxury jewelry items, bronze has an appeal to its users across the world. In fact, bronze is an alloy in terms of its composition. It comprises of copper and tin. Anyway, knowing usage and maintenance of bronze is more important than knowing … Read more

How To Clean Brass Jewelry : Some Easy and Simple Ways

Brass is a compound matter. It comprises copper and zinc. Anyway, the jewelry made of brass looks gorgeous and shiny. People around the world irrespective of men and women like to use brass jewelry items. It may be earring, bracelet or bangle, people wear them as a sign of fashion. However, the beauty of brass … Read more

How To Clean Tungsten Jewelry – Most Easy and Simple Ways

Very few jewelry items are as hard and durable as tungsten jewelry. It doesn’t get scratch easily, nor does it fade its color.Nevertheless, we have come to know that nothing is permanent and unchanging in the world. Everything is subject to change. Same way tungsten jewelry may lose its glamour if it is left uncared … Read more