How to Clean and Care Marcasite Gemstone and Jewelry

Marcasite gemstone is actually made of fool’s gold or pyrite. No doubt, marcasite, itself is a beautiful one and enough to increase someone’s beauty. The marcasite stone is popular for its black color. But if you are not honest to clean and care for the gemstone, it will lose its beauty and affection. But the … Read more

How to Clean and Care Jade Gemstone and Jewelry

Jade is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the family of the gemstone. Most people remember for its green color. There are few colors without green. They are pink, grey, white, blue, red, yellow colors available. The stone attracts all aged people through its amazing beauty. So, you need to clean the jewelry and … Read more

How To Clean Lapis Lazuli Stone

Having Lapis Lazuli jewelry is an amazing experience. Lapis Lazuli is made of soft rock and it is measured 5 to 6 in Mohs scale. The best lapis lazuli comes from a region in Afghanistan with its deep blue color with streaks of white and flakes or streaks of gold in it. The deep blue … Read more

How To Clean Malachite Stone

Malachite is a popular jewelry stone with its dark green color. Its beautiful green coloration is unique among gems. Malachite’s softness makes it easier to give it different shape and make jewelry and decorative things with it. It can be polished very well despite its low hardness.All these qualities make malachite the first choice for … Read more

How To Clean Sapphires

Sapphire is a valuable gemstone, also a romantic one but its reference has jeweled many famous literature pieces. Though sometimes available in yellow, purple, orange or like colors, this stone is famous for its elegant blue color. Sapphire and ruby contain the same mineral, but the color is different for both the stones. Yet for … Read more

How To Clean Ruby Gemstone

Reddish gemstone ruby has always been considered as a magnificent artwork of mother nature, a grand adornment of for any jewelry collection. It has been mentioned in many ancient books like the Bible. Since time immemorial, ruby has been recognized as one of the most precious gifts. Clean Jewelry With Solution Must-Use Cleaning Clothes In … Read more

How To Clean Amber Jewelry

Amber is one of the most famous fossil resin. Having different color and shape makes the resin as a gemstone. There are five classes of amber as well. It was actually discussed in 4th century BC. Now it is treated as a valuable gemstone. As the stone is made of resin, it gets dirty quickly. … Read more

How To Clean Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is one of the most valuable stones in the family of stones on this planet. The seawater color makes the stones totally different and attractive one that’s can attract any person from a different age. In past about 19th century the see green varieties were most popular. But at present, the bluer the stone … Read more

How To Clean Opal Jewelry

Opal is one of the oldest and valuable natural stone in the present world. There was a time when opal was considered as a symbol of royalty in Europe. World’s 80% opal is now supplied from South Australia. This valuable opal was first founded in August 1956 in Australia. From the past to present the … Read more

How to Clean Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is a turbid mineral made of copper and aluminum. It is very rare and valuable mineral that ever founded. Its color is from blue to green, depends on the geographic conditions and circumstance. So it refers how valuable the turquoise jewelry for you. Unless your proper care the turquoise jewelry gets dirty and … Read more