Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns in 2019

You can actually call yourself a savage if you love spending time with scrubbing the parts of your firearms meticulously and try giving it a makeover. Or else cleaning your guns is one of those frustrating stuff that every owner dreams to avoid yet they go through. However, if you opt for not cleaning your guns regularly, they might not work well as dirt, oil and carbon will combine to tarnish them. For this, all you need is the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns that will not only save your time but will do the job of cleansing itself. Hence, we have come up with the 10 best of them so you can pick one easy from this ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews.

7 Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

  1. Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II (110 Volt)
  2. Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners
  3. Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner
  4. Hornady Lock-N-Load 7L 110 VT Sonic Cleaner
  5. Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner (115 Volt)
  6. Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner (115-Volt)
  7. RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner

Review #1: Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner 2L

This is yet another model from Hornady that you can call the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns.
This one deserves to be in the top list as you will find it in most ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews. However, this model efficiently pulls out carbon residue and other foreign material from the cases entirely and thoroughly.

Moreover, the 110-volt power cleaner comes with an 80-watt ceramic heater and you will also find a big 2L stainless steel tank that delivers plenty of space so you can put your gun parts in the tank.

However, it comes with a timer ranging from 5 to 30 minutes that you can opt for the application.

What We Like
  • It cleans the carbon and other dirt greatly from the gun and parts of it.
  • The heating element helps the machine to clean up fast.
  • The machine is fairly quiet.
  • The plastic basket size is decent.
  • It comes with a reasonable budget.
What We Don't Like
  • It does not come with an on and off switch, so you to unplug it directly to turn them machine off.
  • It takes about half an hour to heat the water for use.
  • It comes small in size.

Review #2: Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner

This is another best ultrasonic cleaner for guns that you can have for yourself. Lyman definitely ensures to clean the cases and primer pockets and other gun parts inside and outside in just less than 10 minutes. So within a couple of few minutes, you can get your gun in a new look.

Moreover, the cleaner also features a heated tank that will help to clean your stuff up quickly. It tends to produce ultrasonic cavitation that helps to lift and dissolve carbon and filth on the cases.

Besides, you will get a plastic basket that powerful ultrasonic performance to leave you awestruck.

What We Like
  • It does the cleansing job effectively.
  • It comes with a big plastic basket.
  • You can clean brass casings and gun parts with it.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It cleans the things in just less the 10 minutes.
  • Tank comes in good size.
  • It is durable
What We Don't Like
  • The machine creates noise when runs hence you might find that annoying.
  • Time limitation.
  • It does not have an off and on a switch.
  • It takes about half an hour to get it heated up.
  • It does not have a longer cycle.
  • It’s a bit small in size.

Review #3: Hornady Hot Tub Sonic Cleaner

You can experience a great cleaning time with this best ultrasonic cleaner for gun parts. The Hornady Tub is hot enough to take sonic cleaning to a different level. And you can also get a friend via going through these ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews. However, the cleaner comes with 9-liter capacity that can accommodate and wash a 16-inch AR-15 upper. Moreover, the machine consists of 4 transducers with a heating element that boosts up the cleaning action. So it is definitely useful for the guns. Besides, adding up a little clean solution, the microjet action of the cleaner will take out the carbon and other filth from the gun. Additionally, it also features a small parts basket, integrated drain pans in the lids, a degas function and 5 temperature settings from 100-140 degrees F.

What We Like
  • The heating element helps to pull out dirt internally and externally.
  • The plastic basket is well built and tough.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It will take few minutes to clean up the gun.
  • It pulls out the carbon and other filth greatly.
What We Don't Like
  • The rubber straps could be a bit clumsy to work with.
  • It is a bit overpriced.
  • It might not last longer.

Review #4: Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner 43350

Since Hornady rules over most of the ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews for their popularity, here we have another one for you. This model comes with a kind tank capacity of 5.5 inches long, 6.65 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep that will fit both brass and pistol parts. With just a pinch of One Shot Sonic Clean, the cleaner will do its work itself and will present you a brand new gun. Moreover, the sonic cleaner holds up to 1 hundred .308 cases and 2 hundred .233 cases. Additionally, you will get a plastic basket that will hold your gun parts so it can clean them up for you. Moreover, it comes with a total 80W of the heater wattage that does the job to show its ability. Not only that, you can also set a timer to max of 480 seconds to see its great result.

What We Like
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • The heating element helps to clean up the gun faster.
  • You can clean up brass and pistols with the cleaner.
What We Don't Like
  • It is way too small in size.
  • It has a high-pitched grating sound that you might find annoying.

Review #5: Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000

This is the last one yet the best ultrasonic cleaner for gun to own. The Lyman comes with a good 6.3 quart tank capacity that will perfectly fit the gun parts and cases that shows its eligibility for your weapon. Moreover, the model tends to clean up to 1300 9mm cases. However, it is powered by two powerful ultrasonic transducer that help to clean your weapon effectively in just less than 15 minutes. Additionally, the tank features a built in drain that helps to empty waste water easily and you will find hose as well for easy solution. Not only that, you will also get a large plastic basket that comes with convenient hand to hold it up. There is also a 2 color display hat shows the timing of the operation. Another great feature is it consists of 5 cleaning cycles that you can choose to clean up your weapon.

What We Like
  • It comes with 5 programmable cleaning cycles.
  • The heating element enhance the performance of cleaning.
  • The machine does its job quietly.
  • It can clean the most stubborn dirt greatly.
  • It comes with a good size basket.
  • It comes with an in built drain.
What We Don't Like
  • It takes a lot of time to heat the water for use.
  • You might not like the lightweight plastic from lid because it is flimsy.

Review #6: Hornady Sonic Cleaner 7L

Let’s dive into another best model of Hornady if you want more ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews.With its unique Lock-n-Load feature, the machine has earned some great positive reviews for its cleaning performance. Its ultrasonic cleaning performance and cleaning solution combine to provide a super effective method to take out all the carbon residue and dirt from the gun entirely. So, you can call it the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns to have. Moreover, it does not only clean the inside of case but the primer pockets of the weapon as well. The ultrasonic action will use up to7-lіtеrѕ of high-frequency micro-jets to blast carbon from the parts of gun and equipment. Besides, the Lock-n-Load cleaner tends to hold up to one hundred 308 win cases or 2 hundred 223 Rem cases. Moreover, a solution saving 1.6-Liter small parts tub can adjust small metal parts and empty brass cases. There is also a keypad with a display with which you can adjust and monitor time, temperature, solution, de-gas and heat function.

What We Like
  • It will quickly clean the gun for you.
  • It comes with enough room in the container for 2 guns so you can clean them at once.
  • It comes with a keypad in a display where you can adjust and monitor time-temperature, solution, de-gas, and heat function.
What We Don't Like
  • It might not fit many weapons.
  • You need to clean up the gun with the brush before putting them in the cleaner to get a better result.

Review #7: RCBS Ultrasonic Cleaner

This is another best ultrasonic cleaner for guns and cases which have been made of high-quality materials. To talk about its features, it comes with the 60W transducer that is powerful enough to pull away all the carbon residue and other filth from the cases of the guns. Not only that, it also features a 100W ceramic heater that will let the machine heat to clean up the parts quickly. Additionally, its 36,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency will help you to bring life to the parts of the guns. To add more, the cleaner has a sensor that will indicate when to change the solution out of which it makes the cleaner unique. Moreover, you will also find 3.2-quart stainless steel tank which is long enough to fit your guns and cases. Besides, it comes with 5 temperature setting to select and you can also set the timer ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. Not only that, you will get a convenient drain valve and tub with the cleaner.

What We Like
  • It cleans the guns and gun parts easily.
  • It comes with multiple control settings.
  • It features a sensor, so it can change out the solution accordingly.
  • It has a good tank capacity fitting guns.
  • The heater will help to clean the cases and the guns quickly.
What We Don't Like
  • There is no lid with the machine.
  • It is a bit overpriced.

The Buying Guide

The ultrasonic gun cleaner works with high-frequency sound waves that form inside the tub filled with water. You can call it cavitation. However, it is the power of cavitation that scrubs away the dirt particles from the objects. The reason why you must own an ultrasonic cleaner is it reaches to the complex areas to clean them where you can’t reach. It saves a lot of time and you can get a great result in just a few minutes.

Tips for getting the best ultrasonic gun cleaner

With just not only using ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews, you can also use these tips to get the best one. As it comes in a wide range which can confuse you to pick one, we have put some simple tips that you can keep in mind before purchase.

#1. Cleaner size:

It is important that you get the one with which you can fit your gun parts easily. Since the cleaners the available in different sizes, so do check your weapon carefully before deciding the model. However, if you have bigger machine with bigger parts then you may need to spend a bit more money to get the bigger ultrasonic cleaner.

#2. With or without the basket:

You will find many models that come with or without a basket. However, basket is indeed important to own as it helps to make the cleaning process efficient and easy. Not only that, you should also know that putting the parts on the bottom of the tank is never a good idea. So, you must check out that the device that you are cleaning has a basket with it or not.

#3. Heating Function:

There are many devices that feature a heater and many devices don’t. It is one of the most important elements since it will give more effective result of cleansing via pulling out all the carbon residue, oil and other dirt particles. Otherwise, it is a bit hard to clean up the gun equipment and parts without the feature.

#4. Ultrasonic frequency:

Most of the gun cleaner comes with the frequency range between 35 to 45 kHz. And it is enough for cleaning the guns and its parts. However, if you just intend to clean some sensitive things then you might need the one with higher frequency range, otherwise, you can pick up the low range one for cleaning basic objects.

#5. Power:

If you want to clean the gun, you will need larger volume chamber of the device. Which means that you will need more power to run the device. So, it is essential to buy the powerful machine because it helps you save time. But you should also keep in mind that using a machine with more power are not ideal for regular cleaning since it will affect the surface finish of the material and will damage some of the sensitive electronic parts.

About The Top Brands

This section will give you a bit of knowledge about the top companies.


They have their office at Grand Island in Nebraska of the United States of America. It is one of the most popular companies that has been delivering products mainly ammunition and handloading components. Joyce Hornady started the company in the early 1940s with munitions business after he teamed up with Vernon Speer.


The Lyman follows their own motto that states “The brands that perform”. The manufacturer started the company in the late 1800s after William Lyman who is the founder created a product that can resolve issues with the gun sights for daytime shooting. However, the company believes in delivering value while advancing technology.


Fred T. Huntington basically initiates the RCBS company which is short forRock Chuck Bullet Swage in 1943. He started his journey via crafting his own dies and since the resulting bullets were used to shoot rock chucks, he came up with such company name. However, the RCBS has got its name in the Oroville of California.


iSonic has their main office at Chicago in Illinois. They are popular for delivering both personal and professional ultrasonic cleaners. However, they claim to achieve an annual production of approximately one million units.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

#1. Why do you need a heater with the ultrasonic gun cleaner?

A: If you want your cleaning machine to work more efficiently and effectively, then you will need this function with the device. Or else the device will take more time to clean up your weapons and its parts entirely.

#2. What is ultrasonic cavitation?

A: It simply means the rapid form and blast of the little vacuum bubbles or “cavities” in a liquid. With the help of the microscopic bubbles, the filth and dirt particles are scrubbed away when they come in contact with the surface of the object.

#3. Are ultrasonic cleaners good for polymer frames?

A: If the ultrasonic machines work with such fluid that will be safe for polymer then it will be suitable to be cleaned via the machine.

#4. What will happen if I don’t use the basket, and instead put the gun parts directly into the cleaner?

A: It is very important to place your gun of parts of the gun in the basket. Or else putting it directly into the machine will let the parts hit the bottom of the tank and can even loosen your front sights.

And the last words

A best ultrasonic gun cleaner machine deserves to be a best friend of every shooter. Not only they are affordable but also they come with a package of great performance. However, every shooter understands the pain of the dirt coated guns when they realize that they have to sacrifice a lot of hours for cleaning them. But now, with the best ultrasonic cleaner, you can save those times as the device will do the job on its own. It does not only scrub the external areas but the internal complicated areas as well. So owning the perfect will remove all your weapon cleaning troubles.