Best Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner Reviews

Clear eye-sights are something which many people lack. Having been suffered from myopia or hypermetropia which are two most common eye diseases or defects resulting in dull eye-sights or blurry views. Whilst there is a lot of solution, the most popular solution seems to be the use of a pair of spectacles or eyeglasses which brings back the Crystal-Clear eyesight a man/woman is born with. There are a lot of ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner reviews roaming on the internet. A lot of information can be collected from the reviews about the cleaners.

These spectacles or eyeglasses are used by weak-sighted people on a daily basis while riding, driving, walking, reading and doing other pieces of stuff!

And since these glasses are expensive, they should be maintained well so that can be used for a long time. Visiting an optician for regular clean up might help very often but that is not cheap. It rather turns out to be more expensive. Therefore, buying an Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner is a better option.

An ultrasonic cleaner retains and revives the shine and beauty of an object like jewelry, watch, eyeglasses etc. This relieves one from the hassle of cleaning manually with its automated work.

Ultrasonic waves are used by the ultrasonic cleaners to clean the dirt and debris from an object. The ultrasonic wave may well as vibrate at an extremely high frequency up to 48 KHz which starts to question the existence of any sort of  dirts in the objects such as an eyeglass. Soapy solutions are used in the process.

This article is a complete thorough Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner review on 6 best ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner.

The Reasons Why Eyeglass Cleaner Should Be Used

A smudge or a greasy fingerprint appears in our eyeglasses in no time. People using spectacles struggle a lot to keep their eyeglasses clean and smudge. They often grab a piece of cloth or a tissue to clean up the debris or dusts in the glasses which often leaves scratches instead making it worse. This is not only defective for the glasses but also puts the eyes in strain for the blurry and unclear vision the eyes experience even with the glasses on. Thus, no compromise should be done rather an eyeglass cleaner should be bought. We can be benefitted before choosing cleaner by reading ultrasonic glasses cleaner reviews.

Some pointed reasons for choosing ultrasonic cleaners are-

  • It keeps the eyesight well.
  • It keeps the eyeglasses brand new for a long period of time.
  • Eye ratio is maintained well with the passage of time.

6 Best Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner Reviewed

  1. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer for Eyeglasses(MGUC500)
  2. Magnasonic Professional Eyeglasses Cleaner (CD2800)
  3. UKOKE Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine for Eyeglasses(UUC06S)
  4. VIVREAL ultrasonic cleaner (SU-768_X)
  5. UKOKE ultrasonic cleaner for eyeglasses (UUC06G)
  6. Famili FM8000WW Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer for Cleaning Eyeglasses

6 of the ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners reviewed thoroughly below :

Review #1: Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer for Eyeglasses(MGUC500)

Watches and jewelry as well as eyeglasses and utensils which has timid or absurd, be it any amount of dirt and debris and tarnished with germs and smudges; the MGUC500 cleans them up in minutes with its tremendous vibration of waves at 42 KHz. This vibration help clean the eyeglasses very precisely merely with tap water.
A digital display features 5 cycles of cleaning, keeping an option for freely choosing between 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds. The easily operable device also has auto shut off mechanism in it. These devices might not look very large but they can hold up to 2 pairs of eyeglasses and provide a very thorough cleaning. The MGUC500 has a capacity of 600 mL or 20oz. The ultrasonic waves clean it all without causing any type of damage to the eyepieces. It does a wonderful job just after pouring 600 mL of clean water. A better and more professional result is noticed with the addition of a bit of detergent soap or cleaning solution. It does its magic and gets turned off as soon as the job is done where all you need to do is simply press the ‘On’ button to initiate the process. To add some more, the 1-year warranty of manufacturer’s labor and parts warranty with lifetime customer support makes it worth the price.

What Makes This a Good Deal
  • 5 modes of cleaning as per need.
  • Easily operable and has auto shut feature
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime customer support

Review #2: Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine for Cleaning Eyeglasses(CD2800)

The slightly less expensive and white colored model of magnasonic ultrasonic cleaner might be the one if you are looking forward to saving up to 5 bucks for further use. This CD2800 is slightly lighter than the other one which makes it easier to carry anywhere. Using ordinary tap water this cleaner gives you a professional and safe cleansing avoiding harsh and rigorous scrubbing leaving the item with a wonderful shine. Unlike the other model, this one has a transparent cover and illuminating light which lets one watch first-hand the raw power the machine generates in the form of 42 KHz ultrasonic waves as millions of microscopic bubbles clean up the grimes and dirts like no brush or hand could do. The machine is extremely easy to operate which gives you a professional cleaning even on the most stubborn jewelry in just 3 minutes of time. Its 20oz capacitive steel tank can clean from a ring up to 2 pairs of large eyeglasses at the same time. The quietness and its compact size make it an easy choice for anyone. The warranty of 1 year of parts and manufacturer’s labor and lifetime customer support comes with the package too.

What Makes This a Good Deal
  • Cheaper than other traditional cleaners
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime customer support

Review #3: UKOKE Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine for Eyeglasses(UUC06S)

This brand of ultrasonic cleaner comes in 3 categories all of them keeping something up their sleeve at 3 different price points. The 3 categories consist of 0.6L Green, 0.6L Silver and a 2.5 L Green named as UUC06G, UUC06S, and UUC25G (85oz) respectively. Same as the previous cleaners mentioned, these cleaners of all 3 categories generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a precise and thorough cleaning of the debris and dirts stacked in the jewelry or the eyeglasses without any kind of direct or lateral damages. What makes the UKOKE UUC06S cleaner stand out in the pile of many ultrasonic cleaners is its Degas function. While using tap water, naturally the water has some gases as they flow out from a pressurized supply of water. The DEGASSING functionality of this cleaner degasses or removes any type of gases from the water which in the end results in the protecting the items like eyeglasses from corroding due to any type of oxidization. This a feature not many traditional cleaners have. It has a touch control panel which is practically more durable than the buttons on other traditional cleaners. Being very easy to operate, it has 5 cycles of cleaning keeping an option for freely choosing between 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds in the digital timer.

What Makes This a Good Deal
  • Has 5 modes of cleaning as per need.
  • Degassing function that not many known ultrasonic cleaners have.
  • Has touch control panel that is more durable than buttons.

Review #4: VIVREAL ultrasonic cleaner (SU-768_X)

VIVREAL cleaners have an outstanding effect on the items ready to be cleaned as the cleaner generates 43,000 Hz as base frequency. Thus, the cleaner produces denser bubbles which clean the items more thoroughly and precisely. As per the number of dirts present in the items like eyeglasses, there are 5 different settings of the timer with the option from 90 seconds to 480 seconds like other cleaners. The 90-second option is for the slightest amount of dirts or debris on the eyeglasses for example. The capacity of the cleaner is 25oz or 700 mL which is more than other traditional cleaners. The cleaner has waterproof buttons for operating since it has a lot of things to do with water and a LED digital display shows the modes of your settings. The auto-shutting feature turns the cleaner off as soon as the job’s done. One can do other stuffs at that moment. So just set it and forget it. VIVREAL is made a good deal by its providence of professional after-sales service, FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any costing from the customer’s side and 1 complete year of money back guarantee.

What Makes This a Good Deal
  • Generates 43 KHz as base frequency.
  • 5 modes of cleaning as per need.
  • 700 mL capacitive
  • Waterproof buttons for operating.
  • LED digital display.
  • Autoshutting feature.
  • Free replacement policy without any costing from the customer’s side.
  • 1 year of money back guarantee

Review #5: UKOKE ultrasonic cleaner for eyeglasses (UUC06G)

UUC06G is the green version of UKOKE ultrasonic cleaners. Its silver counterpart UUC06S has the same functionality despite its color difference. There is not a single noticeable difference except for the greenish blue color in this cleaner which makes it a more beautiful piece of item that can be put as a showpiece anywhere. This cleaner has 600 mL or 0.6 L that is 25 ounces of capacity. 600 mL water or detergent solution along with 42 kHz of ultrasonic sound waves cleans up all the dirts or any kind of residues in the eyeglasses or any items that is put up for cleaning. Same as its silver counterpart, it also has Degas function which removes gases from the water that naturally exists in them as they are usually collected from any pressurized supply. This protects the items like eyeglasses from corroding due to oxidization of the gases. Moreover, the durable touch control panel gives it a slight edge over all other traditional ultrasonic cleaners. This also has the 5 modes of timer which can be used as per the amount of debris in the eyeglasses. Overall this ultrasonic cleaner gives a supreme cleaning performance that other cleaners strive to do.

What Makes This a Good Deal
  • Greenish color.
  • Has 5 modes of cleaning as per need.
  • Degassing function that not many known ultrasonic cleaners have.
  • Has touch control panel that is more durable than buttons.

Review #6: Famili FM8000WW Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer for Cleaning Eyeglasses

As much as its name of the model is long and hard to remember, this ultrasonic cleaner has a total of 5 modes of preset cleaning cycle like most other cleaners starting from 90 seconds to astonishing 600 seconds probably like no other cleaners other than itself. The 600 seconds preset mode already shows how superior feat, it is able to accomplish. 42000 Hz of ultrasonic vibration for long 10 minutes should wash off very deep engraved dirts and debris and make the tarnished jewelry and eyeglasses look polished and shiny as new. The auto-shutting feature makes it more comfortable to use as it lets us Set the timer and complete any other work or task of ours without any worries as it would shut down automatically as soon as the cleaning is done. Its chamber of 600 mL or 20oz and a wide interior lets it fit in a lot of items to clean at one go. And last but not the least, its 1 Year warranty right from the date of purchase makes it a very good deal.

What Makes This a Good Deal
  • 5 modes of preset cleaning.
  • Has a mode of 600 seconds or 10 minutes on one go.
  • Has auto-shutting feature.
  • 1 year of warranty right from the date of purchase.

The Buying Guide

Whilst all ultrasonic glass cleaner reviews suggest which cleaners are to be bought, there are a lot of key points to consider in order to buy an ultrasonic cleaner. A professional cleaning more or less takes $5 each time. So, it is better for one to buy an ultrasonic cleaner for long-term use which would cut some costs off in the long run.

The key points to consider:

Price: The cleaners always costs around $35 to $45 in general. The price should be kept in mind while buying the cleaner since all the cleaners more or else works the same. So, buying them for a huge amount money would never make any sense.

Cleaner size: Keeping the fact in mind the sizes of eyeglasses and other stuff up for cleaning on a regular basis, the cleaner size is to be considered as well. Usually, a 600 mL or 20oz capacitive cleaner can fit two large eyeglasses at the same time. So, when you are looking for something for the purpose of cleaning eyeglasses, the 600 mL capacitive ultrasonic cleaners are more than enough. There are cleaners with the size of 2.5 L cavity which very large for using at home. It would also be hard for one to carry around the house. So, size matters.

Degassing function: Not every ultrasonic cleaner comes with a degassing function. This feature mainly removes gases from the water which naturally exists there due to being flowed from a pressurized supply. This prevents the items like eyeglasses from corroding due to any type of oxidization. So, it is better to find one ultrasonic cleaner with a degassing function.

Ultrasonic frequency: Since these cleaners are all about ultrasonic frequencies, how much of a frequency is generated by an ultrasonic cleaner matter. Usually, these cleaners generate 40 KHz to 48 KHz which is more than enough for cleaning eyeglasses. So, it depends on how dirty your glasses get, the more frequencies you need.

With or without the basket: Putting the eyeglasses at the bottom of the cavity of the ultrasonic cleaner is never a good idea. It may damage the eyeglasses heavily. Most of the cleaners thus come with baskets to hold the items. So, an ultrasonic cleaner which consists of a basket with it should the one to buy.

Brand warranty: Many brands provide warranty for 1 complete year and lifetime customer support. Some brands also have money return policy. There are other facilities that the brands offer from their side. One should thoroughly look up for those and get the best deal out of the bunch.

Keeping these key points in mind and going through some ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner reviews, one should make a decision.

About top brands:

This will give a slight glimpse of information about the top brands that make ultrasonic cleaners.

Magnasonic: Since 1954, Magnasonic has been a leader in developing innovative and unique products. Their mission is a simple one – create people-driven products that make life’s daily adventures easier and more fun. They believe everyday experiences should be extraordinary.

UKOKE: Ukoke tech is a tech company from United States of America having a wide variety of products on their site.

VIVREAL: With a vision built on 10 years of innovation, VIVREAL aims to deliver the best appliances and accessories at home and on the go. They share the passion for producing products that would exceed the expectations and set new benchmarks.

Famili: This brand is another popularly known name for making excellent home appliances. They seem to focus on providing something extra to its customers.

These 4 brands are the most mentioned brands in most of the Ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaner reviews one can go through on the internet.

Things to do for cleaning the eyeglasses while not at home:

When people aren’t at home, they usually do not carry a liquid solution or any ultrasonic cleaners to clean their eyeglasses. No, ultrasonic glass cleaner reviews would come to any help at that moment. To protect their glasses from the dusty claws of the air, they should follow some suggestions.

One can buy readymade eyeglass cleaning wipes as these are easily carriable.

One must not forget that the glasses are extremely fragile. So, too much pressure in the glasses while wiping the dusts off might break the glasses.

Other than the glasses, the earpiece, rim, nose pad or the frame itself might get dirty. So, the debris stuck there should be wiped off too.

Things not to do:

While buying liquid cleaners for the glasses, it should be kept in mind not to buy ammonia-containing cleaners. Because ammonia is corrosive to the glasses.

Eyeglasses should not be touched with the bare fingers, as they contain greases thus make the eyeglasses dirtier.

Wiping with dry clothes should be avoided at all costs since it might leave major scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Would the Ultrasonic cleaners damage my eyeglasses?

Ans: No, the ultrasonic cleaners have been built in the way so that the eyeglasses are not damaged through the process. But care should be taken about the liquid solution that is used. Care should be taken so that the liquid solution does not contain ammonia in it. Because ammonia is corrosive to glasses.

2. How long would it take?

Ans: This depends on the size of the eyeglasses and the number of dirts and grimes on the eyeglasses. If the glasses are small in size and dirts are less, the 90 seconds option is enough. But in case of larger glasses and when there are much dirts left on the glasses, the 480 seconds or even the 600 seconds option can be used if available.

3. Are baskets of the cleaners mandatory?

Ans: Baskets are provided in the ultrasonic cleaners in order to protect the glasses from being in direct contact with the surface of the cleaner because that might damage the glasses due to too much vibration. So, baskets of the cleaners are mandatory.

4. Should I use cold or hot water?

Ans: The cleaner has nothing to do with the type of water. The mechanism is about the vibration that it generates. Even the tap water would do. Cold or warm water would not make any difference.


This was one of the best ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner reviews !! Glasses don’t last forever. They are fragile items. They would eventually break down. But, proper care can make last for a longer period of time. Using a protective case might save the glasses from any type of damage while not in use and might protect them from scratches. Especially from the scratches which are left in the glasses while putting the glasses on the bedside before sleeping. Care should be taken so that the glasses are not put anywhere with its faces down.
The ultrasonic cleaners not only clean our eyeglasses but also the jewelry, watches, coin etc. So, they are never a bad deal to start with. No matter how small, large, cheap or expensive it is, in the end, what matters is its performance. So, a thorough thinking after reading this article of Ultrasonic glass cleaner review might lead to the best decision.